NASA | Human Fingerprint on Global Air Quality

Using new, high-resolution global satellite maps of air quality indicators, NASA scientists tracked air pollution trends over the last decade in various regions and 195 cities around the globe. The United States, Europe and Japan have improved air quality thanks to emission control regulations, while China, India and the Middle East, with their fast-growing economies and expanding industry, have seen more air pollution.

Scientist Bryan Duncan and his team examined observations made from 2005 to 2014 by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument aboard NASA’s Aura satellite. One of the atmospheric gases the instrument detects is nitrogen dioxide, a yellow-brown gas that is a common emission from cars, power plants and industrial activity. Nitrogen dioxide can quickly transform into ground-level ozone, a major respiratory pollutant in urban smog. Nitrogen dioxide hotspots, used as an indicator of general air quality, occur over most major cities in developed and developing nations.

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20 thoughts on “NASA | Human Fingerprint on Global Air Quality”

  1. just an idea I have, use Spac's natural Vacuum to rid our Planet of ALL Pollution, by the way, I have about 100 other ideas you may be interested in!!

  2. THIS IS CALLED THE HAIL MARY WATER SYSTEM.. Using solar and wind power. Use large microwave to heat gold until 5000 degrees F . Do not go higher then 5000 or gold will start to vaporize . Use super hot gold too heat a giant water boiler . Use the giant boiler to turn Ocean water into super hot water vapor.. If timed right using weather forecast .. The water vapor should go into the sky creating clouds .. The clouds will carry the water to drought area… This is the cheapest , and fastest way to move huge amounts of water.. Must be timed right could cause floods. Use with cation .. By: Joshua Franklin Allen

  3. Nasa and goverment has been caught lieing sooo many times… Should we trust them now? Where will that 100 miljard really go that they are trying to achieve. To "save the world"? Just so hard to believe because its proven hoax..

  4. the anti-global waming logic is " Why do i have to believe to scientist that have studied several years in these subjects, have degrees, phds, masters, and 30 years experience? I prefer believing in a stupid republican politician, financed by or involved in oil industry, who spits shit, and doesn't even know what "science" is."

  5. oky oky ! but why NASA Goddard dosen't talk about massive deforestation ?????? make a map about deforestation from 1950 until now for example !! and you will see very very big difference all around the world !!

  6. Great video NASA, one way to open peoples eyes. Also, it's very good to see that things are actually going quite well. The more people realize what they are doing, the better it will be. Education is the key, and this is perfect example of it.

  7. I cannot believe the amount of people in comments who still doesn't believe in global warming, when there'se been a shit tone of proving facts over the last decade! Why americans is so fucking ignorant some times? And they say it's a lie, it's a propaganda. Who the fuck u thinks benefits from climate change propaganda? Fuck me, I'm glad there is a bit of democracy in USA and there ignorant bastards can't takeover the power. Otherwise america would've been doomed already. btw I'm from Ukraine and my country isn't shitting the atmosphere in a major way (accourding to this NASA research) but I'm still worried about my air quality and climate alot. Because I fucking care about this planet's future. And I really hope you too, despite your ignorance, people

  8. wonder if this warm weather has anything todo with harp in alaska and the goverments ability to control weather after all our president just went to alaska maybe theres a bigger picture to whats going on than we know


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