National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

The California Conservation Corps at Fortuna became the second CCC residential campus to certify as wildlife habitat. To learn how you can certify your schoolyard, campus, backyard, porch, or balcony as wildlife habitat, visit
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National Wildlife Federation supporters made a world of difference for wildlife in 2012–from the historic return of wild bison to tribal lands to passing a law that requires BP’s oil spill fines be used to restore the Gulf.

Learn more about this year’s victories for wildlife and how you can help achieve more in 2013 at

National Wildlife Federation works on protecting wildlife and wild places for our children’s future. To learn more go to
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  1. Great video on how I here in Miami can make my your Certified for Wildlife Habitat. Thanks CCC and you to Totem for helping put this short but sweet video. Your #1 Fan!!


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