15 thoughts on “New Materials for Solar Cells with Record-Breaking Efficiency”

  1. So who was the smart 'undergraduate' who came up with this. Would have been nice if you had at least mentioned their name. But I guess ideas become yours when an 'undergraduate' develops them.

  2. i agree with you, this is the future of solar technology. I like hong kong people. They are very creative. Is there any company that already produce with this technolgy?

  3. Pffffffff, they will start production in 2020 ..
    No, too long, cant wait… i need a good solar panel now

  4. This is great news and all but as we all understand how a free market capitalist system works ANYTHING that is labeled NEW or HIGH EFFICIENCY will cost the consumers top dollar. Even if it does cost less to make than the older models. So the benefit to any would-be consumer is negated.

  5. This technology is amazing. Why isn't there someone in UK doing full-time research in this important field?

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