Ninja Polar Bear Hunts Seal

Unique footage of polar bear hunting bearded seal.

Clip from the programme ‘Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice’.

(Mum & baby polar bear in 3D)
(Polar Bear Flirts with Mate)
(Polar Bear Smashing Camera)

Produced & Directed by John Downer Productions
Narrated by David Tennant
Music composed by Will Gregory
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Video filmed in the Canadian Arctic provides graphic evidence of the impact of climate change on polar bears in the region, showing an emaciated animal scrounging for food on ice-free land. The footage was recorded by the conservation group Sea Legacy during a late summer expedition in Baffin Island. ‘My entire Sea Legacy team was pushing through their tears and emotions while documenting this dying polar bear,’ the photographer Paul Nicklen wrote on social media.
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40 thoughts on “NINJA POLAR BEAR Vs SEAL!”

  1. the seal is like I can't even sun bath in peace…the polar bear is like why does he think he can sun bath on my beach?

  2. Nanannananannananananannanananannananananananannaannanannananananannanananananananannanananananannananananananannanannananananananannananananananana Nanannananannananananannanananannananananananannaannanannananananannanananananananannanananananannananananananannanannananananananannananananananana Nanannananannananananannanananannananananananannaannanannananananannanananananananannanananananannananananananannanannananananananannananananananana Nanannananannananananannanananannananananananannaannanannananananannanananananananannanananananannananananananannanannananananananannananananananana

  3. Stunning capture……how was it even possible to film this……amazing…….There's such a hunt on a clip here, where the bear actually succeeds…

  4. It's incredible how animals are smarter than humans. it's pathetic really, watching humans sink into the stupidity deeper and deeper …

  5. What if you HELPED him and recorded it at the same time???? Whats wrong with people… I am speachless

  6. Total nonsense. The earth's climate has gone through warming and cooling phases since the beginning of time. The animal could have a disease. This video is meaningless.

  7. The reality is; There are more polar bears than before and their populations are stable or even growing. Polar bears are only barely a separate species from brown bears of North America. They intermingle and breed. Ice comes and goes and the polar bears have survived. The color of their fur and the size of their bodies is an adaptation.

  8. polar bears are thriving. being at the top of the food chain they have no predators therefore their death usually comes in the form of starvation, old age or sickness. and with no other predators around they don't have the luxury of a quick death. this video is exploitative and manipulating. so sad for the bear and so shameful for people using it as a mascot for their purposes. the bear was starving, but probably because of disease or injury, not because ice suddenly disappeared. polar bears are very resilient in the face of adverse conditions.

  9. He could feed him and call the saviors of the land to 100 per cent would come and save the bear … so he died of the shame of human stupidity and plunder.let the filmmakers think. It is supposed to be, mainly a man and help where they are and see. This makes man unselfish help. The rescuers did not know about him, they would definitely help him

  10. As sad as this famous video is to watch, it's not a climate change video. It's filmed in an area where they are doing just fine. This is how bears die (unless they e been shot). They have no predators so they just suffer with disease until they finally die. This is nature. Hard for me to watch too, but this is how it is,


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