Noise Pollution | Effects Of Noise Pollution | Sources | Types | Measures

Environmental Science: High School Learning:
Noise Pollution

~What is noise?
~What is noise pollution?
~Other facts related to noise pollution.
~Definition of noise pollution)
~Measures to control noise pollution

*A glimpse of what a Sound is ?
-simple displacement of any wave through a medium.
*A small fact related to what a sound and what a noise is?
-sound which is unwanted is what we call NOISE.

*Examples differentiating between a sound and a noise.

*Characteristics of a Sound
-sound pressure,frequency,duration etc.

*Four Major/Prominent kinds of Noise with examples where those noise are actually produced.
-Impulse or Impact

*Noise Pollution: type of energy pollution which is distracting or damaging (wanted).

*Sources: household sources;social events, commercial activities,transportation (explained in detail each and every source with examples)

*Effects of Noise Pollution (real life examples)
-loss of concentration

*Effects on Mental Health

*Effects on Animals

*Effects on Vegetation and Property

*Measures to control Noise Pollution:
-control at source
-control in the transmission path
-using protective equipment
[real life examples with measures]

*Noise Control Techniques (explained with the help of a diagram)
-Sound insulation
-Sound absorption
-Vibration damping
-Public education and awareness

*Some facts and points related to “What the Law says?”

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