19 thoughts on “Noise Pollution – Train Wreck”

  1. When Train Wreck becomes a normal song and Asshole becomes a easy song, you know you're an SUPER CRAZY MANIAC addict

  2. Nostalgia. Also in the descriprion you say that the lead singer is in a band called "bridges to nowhere" you sure thats the same guy?

  3. I'm listening to this thing again after a lot of years and giving thumbs up to comments from 2~3 years ago

  4. Prime example of great bands that never make it plus this song was never copyrighted so it's basically free but I have so much respect for this band

  5. The two hold buttons together messed me up so badly but I eventually mastered it.

    AS <- > < SD <- > < DF <- > < DF^ SD <- repeat

  6. the picture represents what i'm doing when the vocalist screeches a bit in his voice 😛

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