Number 1 Cause of Global Warming

We know your concerns about the planet and it’s inhabitants. You want to help stop global warming. But what can you do to make a difference besides change some light bulbs? What really is the number 1 cause of Global Warming? People who don’t recycle? Nope. Too many cars? Nope. Planes? How about that steak on your plate?

According to the United Nations, raising animals for food causes more green house gas emissions than all the cars, planes, ships, and trains in the world combined.

Land degradation, climate change, pollution, water shortages, habitat destruction; these are not inevitable forces. The change is easy: all we have to do is tell everyone we know that “Meat’s Not Green”.

Global Warming:
Animals raised from meat, eggs, and milk create an enormous amount of green house gas emissions that cause global warming.

Chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows on factory farms generate billions of pounds of drug laced feces every year. This waste frequently spills over nearby waterways killing millions of fish and causing dangerous affects.

Habitat Destruction:
Eating meat is far less sufficient than eating plants. It can take up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of meat. And because of the need to grow so much grain to feed farmed animals, millions of acres of made up habitat are destroyed and replaced by a single crop. More than 90 percent of the Amazon rain forest cleared since 1970 is used for global meat production.

You can help!
Make a difference by signing Peta2’s petition asking for all meat packages to be labeled with a clear warning that meat is the number one cause of global warming. The consumer has a right to know. Go to to make a change.
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20 thoughts on “Number 1 Cause of Global Warming”

  1. vegetables rice corn grain clear cutting and yes meat is not green but meat is just part of the equation it's agriculture in general

  2. Great, except we are meat eaters. Maybe there should be less people? Maybe we should go back to farming methods that use animal manure to raise vegetable crops, instead of continue with the subsidized wheat, soy, and corn industries which import petrol-based fertilizers to grow their GMO franken-plants? Blend our modern technological advancements with earlier agricultural knowledge and attempt to reach balance and harmony. It's fine if YOU want to avoid ALL animal foods, but don't think that is a real solution. Our entire approach to food needs to be addressed, but not in this short-sighted way.

  3. I have four children and I love them very much, what if AGW is a hoax and you didn't have children wouldn't you feel stupid

  4. Thanks to people like you we have to deal with complicated problems like global warming.

  5. Why go against nature? Why go thru all the hoops? It appears a lot easier and more efficient to become Vegan than think up complicated new technology.

  6. all lies what case global warming is the American booms in the sky during 1980 – 1990 this was the main thing

  7. This maybe true although there are now various government regulations that force farms to be a lot more eco friendly. They are also modifying the rumen in cattle to produce less methane. So lets come to the conclusion that the whole world won't go vegetarian. If you would really like to make a difference get a degree in agriculture and help find ways to make our farms a lot more sustainable and eco friendly.

  8. This ad actually makes me happy. Now I can piss off Peta and Eco tools at the same time by eating steak. I'm debating on eating a steak right now even though I just finished dinner…

  9. Of course there are so many dislikes for this video:
    Most people find this reality pretty uncomfortable!! Cuz they would have to forget about their juicy steak…

  10. I'm saving the planet by making a conscious choice to NOT have children. This planet would be better off if humans we're all intelligent, caring and not interested in shopping or superbowls. Why bring a child into a world where they have to get a stupid job that they don't want to really go to ???

  11. Man i will never give up on chicken or my t-bone steak. Let see how does this started. People where cutting down trees to get the black and the brown. And no they want us to help:P. I ain't helping shit.

  12. i love how they dont mention that the ocean emits waaaaaayyyyy more CO2 than any other source on the planet. and y do i care if the UN says it causes global warming? UN is as retarded as it gets.

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