Ocean pollution: Davos report says plastic in oceans will outweigh fish by 2050 – TomoNews

Ocean pollution: Davos report says plastic in oceans will outweigh fish by 2050 - TomoNews

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — By 2050, plastic rubbish in the ocean will outweigh fish, according to a new report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation released at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

According to the report, the United States, Europe and Asia together account for 85 percent of plastics production, roughly split between the U.S. and Europe on one side and Asia on the other.

The report found that 95 percent of plastic packaging is lost to the economy each year after a single use, at a cost of an estimated billion to 0 billion.

Only five percent of all plastic produced each year is recycled effectively, while around 40 percent is buried in landfills. About 32 percent — roughly 8 million tonnes — reaches the world’s oceans, the equivalent of dumping the contents of one garbage truck into the ocean each minute.

As developing countries continue to grow and therefore consume more, the production of plastic, which currently stands at around 311 million tonnes a year, is expected to quadruple by 2050. This will bring the ratio of plastic to fish in the ocean, calculated according to weight, from 1:5 to more than 1:1.

The report urges people to take action and to rethink the way we use and recycle plastic. It also suggests that manufactures help reduce plastic waste by producing not only plastic that is reusable but also compostable plastics, a new generation of plastics that are biodegradable through composting.


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Pinkie-sized plankton called giant larvaceans can ingest tiny pieces of plastic and pass them in their fecal pellets, which then sink to the bottom of the ocean. This finding suggests larvaceans and other filter feeders may contribute to the more rapid transfer of plastic pollution from the surface to the sea floor.
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20 thoughts on “Ocean pollution: Davos report says plastic in oceans will outweigh fish by 2050 – TomoNews”

  1. this is so hard to believe…..i mean really? why da fuq would people throw their sh1t everywhere? fuck, my villages have smartest people than 90% of the worl population..i think.

  2. Ya wanna know why people don't recycle plastic? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T PAY MONEY! If you want people to recycle plastic, use money as a reward.

  3. which idiot nation is pouring garbage into the ocean. i bet its them stupid europeans at it again. fk dumpster idiots.

  4. Outlaw new plastic from being created for like a decade to force everyone to recycle the old shit. Everyone will be out there scooping the shit up and trading it in for inflated prices. If I can get 15 cents for a glass bottle, why wouldn't this work for a plastic one?

  5. im gonna throw up…I do do something about it (at) Ethan Clemons, …I started the recycling program in the town i lived in outside NYC early 90's when they had none until then I bought an old van, had collection bins at my house for all neighbors, then took it all over the Hudson River to 1 facility then an hr an 1/2 to another in Jersey
    , Marcal as a matter of fact the paper towel ppl….I had my sons and a hood full of kids looking up to me there wz no way i couldnt do sumthin…
    Ive been recycling ever since…One day some guy from some evironmental org. knocked on my door and told me it wz all a waste of time as it all got thrown in land fills anyway as it wz too expensive to make recycled products so until the demand for those brought price down i may as well throw it all away as i wz doing more damage to environment w/gas…
    So i looked into it and started fighting to get everyone to demand recycled goods..
    Its been a long ass road, an exhausting journey to hear this SMH WTH we r doomed, at least the oceans r for sure..

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