Off Grid Solar Power – How to Calculate Your Needs

Are you trying to figure out how much power you’ll need from an off-grid solar power system? This video shows you how to calculate your energy needs to figure out exactly how many watts you need from your panels, what size of inverter and battery you should buy.

Solar Sizing Calculator Link:

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19 thoughts on “Off Grid Solar Power – How to Calculate Your Needs”

  1. So I have a 100w Renogy solar panel and a 1100 w inverter and a group 27M RC Minutes 180 battery. I can't run a 900w coffee maker off this it kicks off as soon as I plug in in, what else do I need to make this work?

  2. Hi Matt, very interesting, thank you for the info. Can I ask you, what Wattage would you recommend for a 6 berth camper motor home, 2 people touring Southern Europe, Med coast for 6 months ? Will not have access to mains power most of the time and would like to use a toaster, boil a kettle, charge a mobile phone, lap top ,cabin lights and a fan. Estimated daily sun hours, 8/9 or more. Appreciate your advice.

  3. I have a 12v dc water pump that will be running 24/7 to circulate water. it doesn't have any Amps written on it. just says 12v. how would no work out how many watts it uses per hour?


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