Organic Food: Rooted in Lies? – Professor Carolyn Roberts

Organic food production is environmentally benign, better for animal welfare, has human health benefits and tastes better – or so say its proponents. Conversely, detractors allege that the rising global population cannot be fed without using artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, that the environmental impact is slight and manageable, and that organic consumers are being duped by farmers.

With a global market approaching 70 billion, theres a lot at stake. Including some blind taste tests, the environmental science evidence behind organic farming will be reviewed, exploring facts and debunking a few myths.

The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website:

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6 thoughts on “Organic Food: Rooted in Lies? – Professor Carolyn Roberts”

  1. Its a great lecture on topic and very well put. Its delivered in clear easy to understand language and backed up by research. I reached similar stance after reading a lot of publications on the topic over number of years. And thats from a position of a tree hugging hippie who loves her heritage veggies. I stopped buying organic on purpose years ago when i realised pesticide content and locality of available organic produce were not that different from conventionally farmed veg.

  2. thanks caroline as a keen gardiner iv been very suspicious of anything marketed organic and the oganic food industry funds a lot of anty science stuff i think they have miss understood gmo crops and demonised them from the beginning.

  3. I endured Ms. Robert's little diatribe on "global warming", in anticipation of an enlightening lecture about organic food. And then came the mini "Brexit" scolding. Thus ended my willingness to chance my valuable time, on the mental wanderings of a silly cow. When I'm in the mood for politically laced commentary, there are much more entertaining outlets than Gresham. Here's a novel idea for the staff; Stick to the topic at hand, and refrain from leaking your political views, as an incontinent old woman leaks her water.


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