PC Fan Magnet motor, Free Energy

New PC Fan Free Energy Generator %100 Working

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Free Energy Generator.
12V dc motor – https://goo.gl/ZhiEr5
6V dc motor – https://goo.gl/gcEi7K

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39 thoughts on “PC Fan Magnet motor, Free Energy”

  1. Benim anlamadığım eğer bu sistemle 5V üretmek oluyorsa, Bu sistemden 25 tane yapıb 220V neden üretemiyoruz? cevaplarsan sevinirim…

  2. मेरे तीन Qustion है कृपया मुझे उसका उत्तर बताइये:-
    1. गोल मोटर कितने वाट का है?
    2. चपटा मोटर कितने वाट का है?
    3. Capacitor कितने volt and कितने uf का है?
    मैं इसे बनाने की कोशिस कर रहा हूँ
    कृपया मुझे इसका answer jarur send kare plz…

  3. I try so many times this not working You can see my video my all project is working 😊😊😊

  4. stop distrubing people, the capacitor is charged and discharge in few time and that kind of capacity is polarized cannot be charged by the alternative Power delivered by the motors then your experience is really fake.


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