Peak Oil : Myth or Reality

Recorded in early Autumn 2007, Ian R Crane shared his insights into the deep geopolitical machinations of the Oil Industry and challenged the emerging ‘Peak Oil’ Cult. Eight months later the price of oil peaked at 7 per barrel, then crashed to per barrel in November 2008. The parallels between 2008 and 2015 may well serve as an indicator of yet another imminent Global Financial Collapse!

20 thoughts on “Peak Oil : Myth or Reality”

  1. OK, OK, around 53:40, the speaker advocates the book "Chariots of gods" by E. von Dänniken, which is a compilation of bullshitery about "ancient astronauts" (aliens in the ancient time would have visited humans, given them techs, Atlantide, Mu, blah blah)… Yeah, you're listening to this kind of guy. Tagging yourself as "skeptic" do not make you any wiser. Abiotic oil ? Yes, you are a fossil fool.

  2. Whatever the amount of remaining oil (in any form) remaining on earth, the significant acronym is EROEI (Energy Returned On Energy Invested). If you need oil with an EROI of 1.5 (means that you need to burn a barrel of oil to produce 1.5 barrel), the end is nigh. And nothing will solve the CO2/Climate change issue better than burning the last drops of oil, isn't it ?

  3. This is like De Beers back in the 90’s controlling the diamond market by controlling supply/ demand flow by buying cheap blood diamonds from Africa and releasing small amounts to the public claiming the product is rare

  4. Crain said this before shale oil came on board! Peak oil is a fact however technology on EOR etc is only constrained by man's creativity ! Crain is a limited in his view of the oil business from a service company coil tubng perspective

  5. Oil is biotic. It refills from other sources. Think about it.

    That old Soviet bullshit would suggest the earth is flat and has an infinite supply. Sorry but that theory was squashed years ago. Oil is biotic.

  6. Actually it is not about peak oil: energy return on investment of energy is the major problem see EROIE. Post 2046 there MUST be a problem because it is taking more energy to obtain lower quality oil. That is the problem of the future.

  7. What's this guy talking about crazy fool. He says "Look at what's happening around you, look at the evidence" yeah I am and all I see is fracking, deep sea drilling, Canadian tar sands, rising energy prices, investment in solar, wave, wind energy and battery storage technology. Looks to me like they are running out of cheap easy to access oil i.e. light sweet crude.

  8. as of now all oil companies world wide are going bankrupt on 50 dollar a barrel oil…
    Venezuela is gone…and their sitting on one of the largest oil fields in the world
    what's killing oil companies is the debt they took on. they have to produce in order to get cash to pay the debt…thus an over supply
    second : yes. there is a lot of oil. but it now costing over 80 dollars a barrel to produce. .
    oil is going to get very expensive very soon…and that will kill the economy. …….

  9. Oil companies will kill, lie and cheat to keep selling their product. They do not care about the consequences. This video is avout "Sowing Doubt". Remember when they told us cigarettes were safe, in fact, good for us? Same deal. This is saying in a soothing voice, "don't worry, go back to sleep, we will take care of you, there is no monster hiding in the closet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  10. I could not imagine if we need to find a replacement for fresh water, that tell me Water is about to dry up.

  11. If you want more proof that energy shortages are a giant lie, consider this …..
    Just about every single form of vegetation (even leaves or grass clippings) can cheaply and easily be converted to alcohol, which could be used to provide far more energy than the entire world could ever even hope to use in a million lifetimes.

  12. Wake up people …. Energy shortages are a complete lie !!!. Natural gas, methane, coal, and crude oil are all natural resources that are 100% self replenishing due to continual natural processes happening within the earth's crust. It is called the abiotic oil theory, and it has been proven beyond a doubt that fossil fuels do not come from decomposed plant and animal matter !!!. Fossil fuels was an even bigger lie than the constant lies about manmade global warming and climate change are !!!.

  13. Were not running out of oil, Were just out of our minds for letting them rob us blind for the last 12 years

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