19 thoughts on “Photovoltaic System How it Works”

  1. This is useful information. I'm living in Ghana at the moment and there is booming resources as sun being in the light.

  2. does anyone know, how are you beeing payed for the excess energy that you feed into the grid in germany or anywhere else? I heard that in some states you are actualy beeing paid more for the green energy that you produce than what you pay for the electicity from the grid

  3. watching solar works leaves a great impression in me.. and I want to add 2 or 3 more panels in my home to use…

  4. Absolutely amazing… the way solar works is so great.. good thing i'm using solar I know I'm helping the envirnment to recover from the damage of C02..

  5. Long video to convey a pretty simple concept.  So…. a photovoltaic system gives and receives energy from the grid?

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