Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future – What will happen to our world? – HD Full Documentary

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20 thoughts on “Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future – What will happen to our world? – HD Full Documentary”

  1. If explorers from 100 million years in the future came here they would be finding ancient tech from even as late as a few thousand years before them not fucking license plates from literally the dinosaur times to them

  2. I no some clowns who are still banging on about that saying the calendar is wrong and it's just around the corner when the planet nibru fuck I cart even spell it, it's that crazy. show's up 2012 will happen .u cart win with these people

  3. Puts a lot into perspective. Makes our recorded human history over the past few thousand years with its empires, battles, governments, migrations and developments seems so small and insignificant.

  4. Who care, they gonna creating the A.I technology robots but I don't want to get 10 billion world population for causing overpopulation

  5. 100 million year…we won't be here gaurenteed.. the not too distance future we will blow ourselves up…gaurenteed.. because these so called fuck nut presidents prime ministers will wipe us out with either nuclear war because of the greed and more so the lies they tell us…or some kind of man made virus that they think they have control……

  6. Is anybody familiar at all with a particular hours-long video on the earth's future, a video with Arabic narration, as well as English captions at the bottom of the screen?


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