20 thoughts on “Rainforest Deforestation and its Effects”

  1. Will – great video but can I ask why you chose to have a sole segment based on mining when by your own admission (via the pie chart) it only accounts for 3%? Why not have that segment dedicated to the leading cause I.e cattle?

  2. a quote i once read said that
    a tree makes a million matches but a match destroys a million trees
    so sad
    i wish everyone can start doing something about this now but some people just wont listen…
    i mean like people do it illegally because they know they wont get caught cos no ones there to see it or they've bribed the officials with the money they make by cutting down trees or something…
    i wish the government sends people to patrol the areas day and night shifts cos this is not something that could be dismissed lightly…
    even if they don't feel it now, their next few generations would. their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…all their loved ones…
    "action says more than words"
    what some people are doing now is like they love money and power more than they love those that love them.
    and we came to the world with nothing so obviously we are going to leave the world with nothing… whats the use of so much money and power cos if people say its for their next generation and many after, i just wanna say they don't need it cos" money is the root of all evils". as long as we have enough to eat, enough to wear, a place to live, that will be enough isn't it? if all the extra money are given to the poor and starving for them to buy food and necessities, no one in this world would be dying due to lack of food!!!
    i don't get it…

  3. If we all planted just one tree or plant every month, we could make up for the losses until sanity prevails and responsible leaders take the initiative to stop this suicidal greed driven insanity.


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