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CCH taught ’90s kids an invaluable, prophetic lesson about environmental conservation.


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20 thoughts on “Recycle Song | Rocko’s Modern Life | The Splat”

  1. Climate change was accepted enough In the mid 90s to be in a main stream cartoon yet 20 years later people still deny it. SAD!

  2. The only thing I don't like about this song is the part about deforestation. I thought everyone knew that when trees are cut down more are planted to replace them. We have more trees than ever on this planet, not to mention we get most of our oxygen from algae in the ocean.
    I get it was for kids and it needed to be simplified for our dumb baby monkey brains to understand it, but looking back and seeing how wrong that part is, not to mention that recycling produces more pollution than it saves, it just seems kinda… Fucked.

  3. The Surgeon General released a warning today stating that repercussions of the treatment for our planet is just another way to die. As heard in , "Another Way To Die " by The Band "Disturbed".

    The song should have been used for this episode. The reason being is because of Mr. Bighead working for the Company named, Conglomo. The song would definitely grab the Attention of Conglomo and Mr. Bighead If these characters, including us humans use the song in front of Mr. Bighead and and Conglomo. What good it would do is, Fit in with the mood of The Conglomo Characters. They would hopefully, and eventually contribute to the environmental pollution situation.

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