Recycling facts: recycling antiques Reuse

This is a video on all the things we use to recycle in our younger days. We have been told its our older peoples fault for our enviroment when infact they were recycler’s and we can get some tips from then on how to recycle glass. They also recycled plastic buy storing things in re-useable containers. They were big recycler’s, recycling everything. They were big users of thermos which helped being they did not buy as much styrofoam coffee and drinks. They recycled pop bottles and milk bottles. They recycled cans and stored nuts and bolts.
They had different recycling center in the days gone by including beer bottles compared to cans.Recycling was a daily way of living. Now everything has become disposable making way too much garbage for us to deal with. We need to become recycler.

This video shows what happens to the rubbish you put into your recycling bin after we collect it from your door.
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