REGCESSION: The EPA Is Destroying America

Enough is Enough. The Official REGCESSION Documentary shows how the EPA is destroying the American Economy through the nonsensical regulations that it spews out.

The documentary makes clear that the Green Movement is a “big business” not a “big cause”

It is not only a big business for those directly involved in the Green Movement like solar and wind companies but it is also big business for the media; the politicians, their friends and their families; foreign countries; multi-national corporations (many of which brand themselves as American companies); and even American colleges and universities.

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20 thoughts on “REGCESSION: The EPA Is Destroying America”

  1. Too much regulation may be bad, but clearly industry has shown it will run toxic waste out a pipe in the back and who cares if the neighbors all end up with cancer or stillborn children. There needs to be a balance.

  2. There are six continents, not 7. There is North America, South Africa, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Antartica. That is 6 continents, not 7.

  3. Except that the USA is part of Planet Earth, its an imaginary entity, while the climate is real. All nations are based on fictional stories as far back as human history is concerned, but climate change knows no borders.

  4. IT IS THIS SIMPLE YOU can GET A new job, we CAN create new technology and new energy! we do it every day and this is nothing new, we'dALL be better off, we CAN work with clean energy and replace dirty energy with clean , we CAN not pollute our preciouos water and air, but and we can retrainourselves and find new jobs, but what we cannot do is replace WATER AND AIR if we pollute them so badly, this is amatter of prioritizing, ther is a definite need for the epa and every regulation that exit to protect our environment and global co climate change is REAL just go ask any o the outher countires in the world expierncing the effecgts of it and look around! read a book , hear it from teh scientists, they are unanimous about it and about the fact tha is it is most defeintelyu caued by humans!!! that is why we need to change and evolve and adpt to the environemtna ar esult of a huge humanpopulatio and technology and affluence, developing countries are merelycopying wht htey sa america do too prosper theyare following ourfootstoeps BUT they have learned bout cliamte chagne already and are amedinging their ways, we could be focusing now on SOLAR ENEGY nad redcucing our emissions of ghg that much but instead CHINA WILL DO SO!!!! THEE GUYS WANT US TO NOT BE ABLE TO BRETHA OR EAT SAFE FOOD OR DRINK OR HAVE ACCES TO SAFE WATER , NO HEALTH INS FOR YOU AND NO LOVING WAGES EITHER! THEYARE GREDY AND THEYARE THE ONES THTA WANT TO CONTIUE MAKING THEIR FILTHY RICHES AT OUR EXPWENSE, THIS IS ALIE ANDPROPAGANDA! PLEASE GO LOOK AT THE ACTUAL DATA THAT SUPPORTS THIS ISREAL AND IT HA BEEN STUDIEDLONG ENOUG AND THERE ARE PLANPLETNY OF STATES DOING GOOD OWRK AND MAKIG A DIFFERNCE BY CREATING LAKES AND RESGTORING THE ENVIROMETN AND CARBONSINKSLIKE COASTLINES ESTUARIES AND OTHER LOSSES TO BIODIVERISTY THAT KEEPS US ALL ALIVE! AND ECONOMICALLY THEY ARE CALLED eCO SERVICES, NATURE PRUIFIES THE AIR AND WQTER ITELF FOR free!!! BUT WHENWE FUCK IT UP WE HAVE TO PAY 2ITH OUR HAQRD EARNED MONEY TO FIX IT AND THAT COST MUCH MOUCH MORE THAN PRVENTING IT AND NOT DOINGT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!(at) NOT TO MENTION IF WE FUCK UP BOO TOO BADLY THESE ARE IRREPLACABLE!!!! PUTTING BUSINESS AHD OF NARTURE IS LUNACY NATURE IS THE TRUE CAPITAL WITHIT NATURAL REOSURCES YOU DONT HAVE any money! so you must put natue ahead of money or we ont' have eithe r, we wont have money or life, and we can't fix that or rpelace it b ut w2hat we can do is retrain ourselvl and use new tech ande evolve and adApt to the en irometn that is how species surive and thats how we'll surive failure to do so we wil destroy ourselvs, and life on the planet,

  5. OBAMA is was right about Climate Change, they are LYING to you in this film, we just missed the 2nd scheduled World Confernce on CLIMATE CHANGE (more accurate is change not warming), there is are STACKS OF EVIDENCE from the sceintific community consensus is presently no questionaboutit, and of course it is "man made" look at the facts aboutCh9ina! people they cannot breathe there and and 1.3 million children a year are dying from air pollution? do youwant that to hapen here TOO? I heard that C since US did not show up for hte climate change world conference wit the rest of the countries, Ch9ina is now taking the lead, and going Solar and tey will outcompete the US on Solar Energy AND be one of the largest contributyors to stopping GHG emissions, since us, china nad india are the worst culprits, the problem is we are the only contry NOT participating NOW and further not only are they not participating to adapt to save the planet and life but they want to go backwards and create even MORE pollution???? it is a well known fact by the scientific commnty and the REST OF THE WORLD,it is more accurately called climate change, pick up any text book and you'll find it and look at the eraqtic weqther, hello it is supposed to be spring righ tnow and there are fwet of SNOW and droughts, floods, fires and erratic we;ather here we are the very leat of it yet you can see it here too but check it out in Africa and Asia theyare havint he worst of it… so do you realy want them to dereg and go back to what the us looked like back in the 1969 before the birth of the Epa???with this manymore people in ur co9untry polluting the air? do you really want the food to be not safe to eat but toxic from chemical spills and no one monitorigng what the corprs can DUMP in the water? it is common sense with so many people with corporations polluting the land, the atmospherre and the water what wil happen isnt it? hello? yet thats what they want to do oh and tey dont want to have to pay you a living wage nor health isurance ie4ther? nad why? so that the few welathy can styta nd continue to be super welathyt at the cdirect epen e of everyone else on teh plaent! this is a bold face lie! please please educate youerselfwes and user your mind to think abo9u tit, growing population, polluting the water, the land and the atmosphere ? what do youthink wil happen? no regs on how much you have to pay people or how manyhours theywork??? and these same corps made RECORD profits for the past years payign ceo and vps 9-12 mill a year! while workers are laid off so they can pay les elsewhere or adopttech that reduces the need for workes instead of giving people time off or paying heme more they hoard al themoneyfor themsvels and their b;uddies and now they want to lie to you and tell you this isn't hapening so they can contiue! why the hell dont' htey just ADAPT to what reality is natural resources are not RENEWABLE indefinitey and canot wothdtand unregulated pollutiong, it's bad enoiugh as it is and we could have millions of new jobs if they went oslar and went with clean energy production, they are the problem! and they are refusing to adapt so don't believe them and all their lies, i went and stuided evn sicienceand was alamred to find 406 difgfetn catystrophic things going on inourenvironemtn and ther is no qauetyin BOUT HOW MUCH OF IT IS NATURAL AND HOW MUCH IS CAUED BYMAN! JUST RESERACH IT POLEASE THIS IS BOLD FACE LIES, NAUTRAL RESOURCES ARE THE CAPITAL!! THE TURE CAPITAL AND WITH UT THEM THER EIS NO BUSINESS, NO JOBS NO MONEY AND NO life.


  7. YESH they move overeas to AVOID paying taqxes , to avoid paying people LIVING WAGES and toavoid NOT POLLUTING THE ENVIRONMENT!!! SO IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS THAT MEANS YOU WANT TYHEE SSAME CORPORATIONS! WHO HAVE CEOS MAKING 9-12 MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BTW, THESE SAME CORPS TO BE ABLE TO DO ALL OF THAT HERE!!!! JUST LLOOK AT THE CABINET CHOICES TRUMPMADE, THEY WANT TO BE ABLE TO PAY PEOPLE $2 A DAY HERE AND POLLUTE OUR AIRE AND WATER HERE! THAT'S WHATY THEY WANT! AND THEY KNOW FULL WELL AMERICANS WILL NOT GO FOR IT! SO THEY LIE TO YOU WITH STUFF LIKE THIS TO GET EVERYONE TO GO ALONG WITH IT AND TO VOTE FOR THEM!!!! just think about it, and realize what it is they are trying to do!!!! they won't be offering more jobs or giving you more money they are just trying to keepmaking more for themsleves and to hell with everyone ele and the environemtn thee are the same corporations intl that have been paynmg off the politicans red or blue all this time now they have movedinto the exec office becuae they want more!!! now if they can dereg it all they can do whtebve they want right here in this couontry! destroying america that is what htey are doing and this film is completly u dishonest, sanders will not appreciate them using him here, they are using presidents here out of context who wi ould never agre ith any of this, just just ask bernie sanders what the bigeet threat to us is? GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHAGE!!!!!!

  8. IF THEY ARE suffering sobad, it ISN'T BECUAE OF REGULATIONS, it is due to the HUGE salaries that CEOS pay themlves, if it is such a problem with regs then tel me why is it that all these corporations have been making HISTORIC PROFITS? CE'S EARNING" 9, 12 MILLION DOLALRS A YEAR! THE REAOSN THE WORKING MAN DOESN'T MAKE ANY MOLNEY IS BECUAE THE CEOS AND UPPER MGT TAKE ALL THE PROFITS FOR THEMSELVES!!!! and i they adopt technoligy or machines they lay off everyone so they can keepthe money! SEE PROFESSOER WOLF, idea about worker co ops where workers have a ay so in companies and share FAIRLY INPROFITS THEY EARN. this is all a bunch of bullshit and lies, theyare mixing SOMWE TRUTH wwith LIES to FOOL YOU!

  9. i'm wonderinh why trumpand the reps want to give the wealtiest americans taqx cuts with a huge deficit?

  10. yes some 17 trillion in debt and yet we pay for our current president securtrity not only in white house and travels necessary as PRESIDENT but also for his trump tower in new york and his mansion in flroida MILLIONS we WE the people are paying to transport with security a billionaire (claimed billioniaire) while he slahses VA funding (for the veterans as if they are not suffeirng wenough already), FEMA (with fir3es and floods and other natural disasters pending and happening and more to come with the the closer we get to as we continue increasing the GHG (pollution and emissioins), and cut funding for the EPA but spending MILLIONS on EXTRA security so a billioinaire unqualified inexpeirenced P'president" can stay in his mansion every weekend and his family stay in new york????????

  11. yes we are the authors of regs and laws and trad e agreemetns and guesw haqt? do you want to go down in history and explain to your great grandkids or grandkids that YOU were selfish and greeedy and didn't care about their future? that you consumed al o the resources nad failed to protect FAILED TO PROTECT NAQTURE!

    NATURE IS THE TROUE SOURCE OF ALL CAPITAL IT IS THE CAPAITAL AND if we used environmetnal econoomics a we SHOULD BE DOING, we'd be able to see the impact econmkically of all this !!! look at costa rico by protectingthier env and their economy was in recession and by so doing they now have a billion dollar eco toruism thriving aeconomy and they are and NATURE IS ALSO THRIVING! we cannot LIVE without Nture people, we CAN however as well als SHOULD crate new industries in clean energyf! that is what we are supposed to do ADAPT TO NATURE TO SURIVIEVE if we do not we wil not survive we si will utterly destroyourselves and everythingalongwith us! the plants and animls were here firt theycan get along just fine withoutus byt but we are all dependent eupon NATURE AND WE CANNOT EXITE without nature, we cannot brath or live without air and water, don't belive this crap it is propaganda they are lying to you!!!! so they can get themsvles filthier richer than they presently are AT OUR EXPENSE ANT AND AT THE EXPENE OF NTURE AND LIFE ITSELF!!!!

  12. the film ays "part of what makes american and our country great is thaqt they are willing to make sacrifices for theire country" …"when the country is in danger or at risk" WE ARE IN DANGER AND WE ARE AT RISK, of losing our precious resources that mek slife and business possible in the firt place!!!!! this is a bold vaced lie and propaganda to fool you into bleiving so that a few wealthy people can continue raping and exploiting nature at our expense. poisionous food and water THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE ANIAMLS OR PLANTS OR LIFE ITSELF!(at) by the statemtn i quoted above, then americans should be wiling to make the sacrifices necesarty including trainginf or new careers in clean energy in order to keep our country safe!!! this is the bigget risk we fqace other than nuclear watr!!!!!

  13. the film ays "in truth" we all depend upon each other….Yes and also IN TRUTH WE ALL OF US AND ALL OF THE PLANTRS AND ANIMLS THAT MAKE OUR LIVES POSSIBLE AND ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL CAPITAL, we are ALL OF US DEPENDING UPONJ!! WE ARE ALL DEPENDING UPON NATURE! We are destroying the biodiverity thatmakes LIFE POSSIBLE FOR ALL OF US! talk abouit biting the hand that feeds you! THIS IDEA THT THE EPA IS DETROYING AMERICA IS A BOLD FACE LIE by those thaty 2want to keep getting super wealthy by exploiting theier WORKERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT AND DON'T CARE HOW MANY ANIMALS GO EXTINCT OR HOW MANY PEOPLE DONT' HAVE CLEAN CLEAN WATYER OR AFE FOOD!!!!

  14. IT'S COMMON SENSE, ONE HAS NO OPPORTUNITY TO EVEN ENGAGE IN BUSINESS WITHOUT THE NATUAL ENVIRONMENT, WITHOUT CLEAN AIR AND WATER. rEGS ARE necesary to prevent CATASTROPHIC events. All one need dois look a the conditions before the EPA which CAUSED the NEED to establish the EPA and thaqt was with MUCH LESS of a population, both in the US and worldwide. Just look at China today Bejing, , 1.3 million children die per year in china due to air pollution and people need masks to go outside. Our economy could boom if they'd go for clean energy , solar energy alone, eco tyorism and technolgy in clean energy could be an economic boom and create more jobs than those lost. So sorry the super wealthy are not going to be able to continue exploiting mankind and nature. What those so concentrated on the economy don't realize is the aforestated, as well as the FACT that TRUE capital is NATUTRE! Natural resources ARE the source of all capital! not "money", Man can reproduce money but he cannot reproduce Nqature and Life. It is bD ENOUGH AS IT IS w/ the damges done by mankind and now that we know about climate change we have a moral responsibility to do o9uro part in correcting that problem. The current admin not only did not attend the laset wowrld confernece on climate change to keep promises to the rest of the world that e would join their efforts at correcting and combating this problem by doing our part (and we are the largest culprit of the ghg problem) and yet sufgfer the very least vs. other devel;oping countries who are receiving the brunt of the climate change consequneces currently , but it is betginning to become apparent here as well, all one need t do is oberve the weather patterns irregualr and extrreme here in the US and all over the world. All one needs to do is realize the ever growing human population with the threat to this as well as to the natual resources. Yet rthey contnue to drill before they've even begun or finished cleaning up the spills and accidents already creaeted that threaten the supplyof water, Wagter, necessary for LIFE, Water, something Mankind cannot replace HIMSELFE. WE MSUT focus on thta which we cannot replak,ce ourselves toeven HAVE BUSINESSES! let alone to "prosper" and what do they mean by propser anyway? they mean to ghet a few peole very very wealthy at the very expense of EVERYONE ELE! It is a huge lie and a lie that will have the worst consequndes if peole continue to go along with it.. Not only does the current admin defund epa and fema it does not go to the world conference on climate change to make it's commitments to do it's art (don't think the other countires did not sorely note our absence, esp in that we are the most proopserpus nation)( i.e in ohter words, we reap the most benefits econiically hand have in our country and have so far suffered the least of the climate chaneg consequncedes. there is much more to this than losing the arctic and the polar bear and thouxsands of other species. btw, does anyone happen to kow that we are also expeirnceing the 65th mass extinction currently? and YES they have concluded repeatedly that these are caused by HUMANS, they know now huw much of these thing are natural and how muych are caused by man and there is no question about it, the two sources of the climate change and other env crisis problems? po;pulation growth (human) and AFFLUENCER. jut look at the data for yourselves, here is one more note for you , if every person in teh world lived by the AVERAGE u.s. citiznes lifestyle standard of living, we would need 4.5 planets worth of resources to provdie for. that doesnt' inclue all the super wealthy nor does it take into account the GROWING POPULATION! if you doubt the need for en v regs simply go look at what the us looked like in 1969 which caused the need fot he epaand env regs in 1970 and think that our population both in the us and in the world is much larger today thena it was then, so it if the water and air was that bad then with less peoploe how muych wore do you think it would be now. those that have interests in profitmongering are LYING to you if t you belive it isnot true or not in our bet interst and the interst of future generations! that this isn't happening! sorry for the typos i have a physical handicap and am diong best i casn with the keyboard. thanks for undertaqnding and i hope you didn't have too much trouble reading if you made it this far…

  15. Google Smog in China/India and any other manufacturing hub….look up the polluted rivers.. look at the industrial filth..Yes we forsake manufacturing in America.. we killed that entire industry due to regulation.. but manufacturing without regulation is a nightmare.. and the people in China/India are suffering miserably because of lack of regulation.

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