20 thoughts on “Regulations, EPA grants to states frozen”

  1. If you''re concerned about saving money, forget about that stupid wall! The world needs the protection of the EPA so much more! Trump's naïveté and reckless executive orders against this regulatory agency will put the health and safety of all Americans at risk. Wake up!

  2. EPA are bunch of criminals the take money from big business. epa is not needed. How these jokers almost f up transportion business in California. they made it small business owners buy new equipment that didn't even work. instead of cleaning the air they made it worse with these new filter trucks. and you still have these state school buses running around that causes smoke problem in L.A

  3. Trump cancelled the free speech of EPA & National Parks employees & more so he can make shitty changes. Spicer is telling reporters what they should be reporting, Trump wanted to declare his inauguration a day of "patriotic devotion". This is some real ass North Korea type bullshit. Be afraid. fortune.com/2017/01/24/trump-gag-order/ This has happened never. I thought you Trump voters were all about freedom? Anytime free speech is banned, we should all start to look at the administration sideways. Say what you want about Obama, but he never told people they didn't qualify for the First Amendment.

  4. cnn shouldn't be allowed to continue to spew lies without consequences, POTUS pls takes on cnn – the propaganda of Illuminati

  5. Anti-science. Anti-America. Anti-capitalism. Pro-oligarchy. He's like Jeoffrey with one exception… Lannisters actually pay their debts.

  6. Those states and businesses profiting from dirtying their own states and sending it downstream and downwind need to start with a clean system instead of throwing their cleanup on all of the tax payers. Would be nice if the EPA would turn to burning the state environmental controllers and start fining them for allowing environmental hazards. The states are acting like it's all the federal fault and federal tax payers responsibility after the states profit.

  7. They are supposed to work for Trump… doesn't he trust them? Liberals are nothing to fair and honest when dealing with Trump. What is his problem?

  8. He needs to freeze funding from the CPS (Child Protective Services) and let Parents have more lead way in raising their kids.

  9. trump is disgusting. how long are we going to let him destroy our progress? rex tillerson is going to tear the environment protection apart.

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