Remulak – Earth [Full Album]

VillageLive is an independent label hailing from UK, in case you didnt know they, are the ones who blessed us with Gas-Lab – Fusion, so be sure to check the label out and enjoy this new Album which is totally wicked.
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https://www. FACEBOOK /Villageliverecords

2.Starlings Green
3.Hookah Pen ft Justo
4.On The Atlas
5.Ford At Middle Street
8.Beginning To End
9.The Sting
10.Chestnut Avenue
11.Solar Chain
12.Passing Time ft Melody Myla
13.Tales up Quicksie Hill + Secret Track
14.Bad Lookin Out Ft Blueprint (Bonus Track)
released June 11, 2017
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17 thoughts on “Remulak – Earth [Full Album]”

  1. Mind music like this is part of the Revolution so listen up and expand yo selves! This will turn the flips to flippas and make sure that the controllas is not to be trixed wit. so eat yo greens and red beans with some crazie rice you trips!!!! You trippas!! The Revolution of Spirituality has begun and will proceed to it's final destination three thousand years from now.

  2. Yea this is OK….

    by the way I'm from an alternate universe where we say something is "OK" when its the most amazing thing we've heard since 2009… kinda' like saying its "BAD!" whenreally good.

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