Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

This is an unofficial explainer video I created for a college project. I decided to gear it toward The assets went from Adobe Illustrator to After Effects. This animation explains the different types of energy such as, fossil fuels, biomass, nuclear and renewables.

Written, animated and illustrated by Dane Bliss
Music by: Essa:
Voiceover by: Mike Porter:

German translation by Robert Orzanna:
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A new wave of technologies is on the verge of producing energy that’s clean, renewable, and most importantly, affordable.
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39 thoughts on “Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes”

  1. But what this doesn't say one thing about is all of the land being plowed for these methods, that don't work very well…. solar and wind are so unreliable. It doesn't mention how many birds/bats get killed with the wind turbines. These facts are very very one sided. Yes there need to be changes, but when teaching give the full story on everything.

  2. Trump is going to bring back coal. First he has to tear down all the wind farms and solar panels, replace all LED's with incandsent lights, turn back energy efficiency standards 40 years, and let's not forget convert natural gas burning plants back to coal. It would help if he could replace diesel trains with steam powered ones. LOL.

  3. As long as conventional fuels produce ridiculous amounts of money, no technology will be developed in a grand scale, it is called the power of "greed" not to be confused with the power of "grid".

  4. Oh please thorium reactors are the best thing we could use! Furthermore studies have shown overtime wind energy has become MORE costly than its output and a full electrical grid as you mention would be a hacker's paradise! And no we have enough fossil fuels to last more than 200 years, idk where you're getting your info from…

  5. AND THIS GETS 20000 VIEWS ONLY WHILE POINTLESS GAMING CRAP GETS BILLION VIEWS? We really need to consider caring more about mother Earth people…

  6. Biomass is renewable and carbon neutral. It's a more secure form of renewable energy as it doesn't rely on wind, tides, sunlight to operate.

  7. Alternative energy, renewable energy, clean energy are not so cheap that everybody can afford using it.. thats the reality…

  8. If and if all people around the world will use renewable energy or specifically owns renewable sources, I wonder what will government do…  

  9. this is great, renewable sure is awesome.. hope more people will be awake to the good result when you use renewable power…

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  11. “Alternative Energies at School” is a research project that seeks to establish the thematic and methodological parameters for a curriculum in the area of technology focused entirely on the renewable energies. Eng. Luis Arturo Vera Barrios. Bogotá – Colombia

  12. think about what you meant by, "in our nature," and then consider what that means. its in a wolf's nature to hunt. do you expect a wolf to conscientiously change it's nature? people are a species. the notion that we have the ability to change our nature because we have free-will or some other wishful thinking is just that. does the history of our species signal any ability to opt out of murder, rape, theft, war, etc? we can't change any more than homo erectus could evolve past the hand axe.

  13. This is a great video. It really is important to look to more efficient ways to create an energy source and not harming the earth. The electric savers,power savers and other types of gadgets help in the home but what about the consumption of fuel? Solar panels are great but too expensive for most people. Thank you for the video.

  14. what did you mean about class systems? our social structures are generally the same throughout time. they exist as they do likely because nothing else works better. what has changed is not our class systems, its our work systems. labor is specialized and mechanized to the point that only a handful of people are needed. which means everyone else is detached. generally, people expect to make one thing, money, and everything else is made by someone else. they dont care, because they never see it.

  15. Yes, magnetivity supplies energy through contrasts. Ionic bonds create contrast energy, and so does music.
    I enjoy dramatic music that expresses contrast energy. Music is energizing!

  16. "ur poop" produces methane when it decomposes as does all organic matter. a methane digester can harvest that methane. chinese homes have been using them for a century. they get free gas to heat and cook from the manure of their livestock.

  17. you're close to the answer. the civilization theory that we follow is one of complete dependence. look for individual level alternatives. throw off some of your dependence for self sufficiency and make those mechanisms be alternative. the problem with our societies is that they are modeled in a way that separates us from almost every other part, especially the parts that provide what we need. that separation leads to apathy which is why nothing ever happens.

  18. A better grasp of the English and English grammar would improve your reply – But I still stand by my original post and it's not a good idea to have global economies based on OIL !. I suggest you improve your education before you reply – Google 'peak oil'


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