Responding to Climate Change (Warren Buffet, Bloomberg, Al Gore, Albright)

“Big Problems. Big Thinkers.” features acclaimed journalist Terre Blair interviewing an extraordinary group of leaders to find solutions to some of the most urgent challenges facing humanity. Terre asks Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, Madeleine Albright, and others if a framework of ethics and values can help solve these grave threats to our future. What she discovers is sobering, thought-provoking, and ultimately, hopeful. (Originally published Sept. 20, 2016) (Source: Bloomberg)


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With the White House reneging on the Paris Climate Agreement, the world’s leading environmentalist Al Gore returns to the fray with a new documentary.
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But how do you get to the truth when, thanks to Trumped-up fake news, it’s more inconvenient than ever?

Alastair Campbell is GQ’s arch interrogator, a writer, communicator and strategist, and the former Downing Street Director of Communications in Tony Blair’s government from 1997 to 2003. In this series, Campbell talks candidly with a host of political influencers about heavyweight subjects such as Brexit, the future of the left, the general election and much more.

Alastair Campbell vs. Owen Jones:
Alastair Campbell vs. Tony Blair:
Alastair Campbell vs. Miriam González:


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24 thoughts on “Responding to Climate Change (Warren Buffet, Bloomberg, Al Gore, Albright)”

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  2. Too many people create too much pollution and demand too many resources.
    China made great progress in moving its people out of poverty.    One reason was slowing population growth.
    If you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child.
    CLIMATE CHANGE, declining fish stocks, droughts, floods, air water and land pollution, poverty, water and food shortages, unemployment and poverty all stem from the worlds worst environmental problem   OVER POPULATION.
    Yet the world adds 80 million more mouths to feed, clothe, house and provide energy and water for every year. This is unsustainable and is a big part of the Climate Change problem 
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  3. Too many people demand too many resources. Yet the worlds population grows by 80 million every year…..
    How many charities are dealing with the same problems they were dealing with 10 or 20 years ago with no end in sight. Every problem is made worse by the worlds growing population. IF you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child.

  4. Democrat and liberal politicians in the United States and all over the world have destroyed the middle class income

  5. The consequences of capitalism far outweigh the benefits. Al Gore can't see that because he was in too deep.

  6. During the last 12 months, Gore devoured 66,159 kWh of electricity just heating his pool. That is enough energy to power six average U.S. households for a year…while at the same time campaigning for people to cut their energy use…Wake up liberals check out the science…not this frauds politics.

  7. Who is the WE that YOU say "we" don't have time for it? Answer the Globalist, I want to control the population, narrative, and your sovereign government must go, to be replaced by non-elected ruling staff. Gore what's in it for my wallet? Can you stretch this out a little more Gore, I have heard Texans speak faster. Say something that is a fact instead of an emotion.

  8. AL GORE should be ashamed of your self. You helped distorted AMERICA and it's people. Now you are the Hero ? thank GOD for you're Climatic changes you BUZZARD LIVING ON top of the Ocean aren't you day the Sea takes you and family far far away ? You Scallywag. The PRESIDENT has no time to WASTE he is a MAN WORKING making AMERICA GRATE AGAIN FOOL NOT trying to DISTROY. IT 😈😡😬😠

  9. its so hard knowing a man is a good man, agreeing with aspects of what he's say'n but being unable to concur with some of his message, data and time lines. Mr Gore is a good man, he serves with grace and ability. As an independent its much easier to say I enjoyed this interview, Alastair is one of my favorites! (and yes, i am "american") I wish them both success and hope Mr Gore finds solutions to the issues he engages. Alastair, "Sit Up!" 🙂 much <3 keep your wonderful content coming!

  10. Qahir Makhani, Al Gore did not win the 2000 election.Theresa Lepore and her butterfly ballot saw to that ,my friend..Tragically,Trump won legally,allowing the Republicans to steal the Supreme Court..Sick country.

  11. Two minutes in, can't stomach the hypocrisy. I can take a climate change lecture from Jeremy Corbyn, lifelong vegetarian who doesn't fly private jets and live in a mansion, but not this guy.

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