Review- Should you remove snow from your solar panels? Sno Pro 23′ telescoping pole

Sno pro, snow pro remove snow on your solar panels.

After some quick math and some personal experience, cleaning off your solar panels (modules) isn’t such a bad idea, if you do it safely.
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20 thoughts on “Review- Should you remove snow from your solar panels? Sno Pro 23′ telescoping pole”

  1. The best thing to do is leave snow on your solar panels, or better yet put boards over your solar panels so they don't get snow or sun……..fucking moron you must be American.

  2. Would it be possible to inject a reverse DC current in the Solar panels in order to heat the surface and melt the snow?

  3. around 5:30 you are hitting your panels…3$ a day ? not worth it, clean your neighbors driveway if you like to work, I am sure 50$ bottle of wine will come your way, plus nicer neighbors.

  4. Thank you for this video. Great job. we were wondering about how folks do this when we were observing all of the homes in East Hartford with Solar Panels.

  5. I wonder could the ground mount solar water heater be used to melt snow off the panels on roof. That way no hard cleaning, only clean the water heater.

  6. Good job Buddy. That's awesome and thanks for sharing the video.
    Please checkout my channel and subscribe

  7. I know the blade is soft, but the way you heave it up to the top row of panels and let it fall onto them…that looks like it might damage the panels due to the weight of the blade. You've never caused damage that way?

  8. I know this is old…but i have a question…..I installed two panels on top
    Of my roof in my RV they are flat…..the snow on top will be brake my panles or they will be fine?

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