Science Music Video Competition – Alternative Energy

This video submitted by Lyndon & Lincoln Bacchus, Duane Best and Robert Yeates placed third (3rd) in the Science Music Video Competition launched by NIHERST in June 2012 which challenged youths between the ages of 14 and 28 to create music videos that would show the central role of science, technology and innovation (STI) in development.

The Science Music Video Competition brings the arts and sciences together to promote the importance of science, technology and innovation (STI) in socio-economic development. The music videos will help increase public awareness of STI as a major force for diversifying the national economy, increasing competitiveness locally and in the global arena, and providing solutions to problems.

Renewable Energy 2015 Science Documentary

Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. These alternatives are intended to address concerns about such fossil fuels.

Countries all over the world are leading the way towards a green economy. Unfortunately lobbying by the oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries are hindering .

[NEW Technology documentary] Renewable Energy – NEW+ Science Documentary 2014 [NEW Technology documentary] Renewable Energy – NEW+ Science .

Solar energy Science Full Documentary HD Albert Einstein Documentary HD Albert Einstein- How I See the World. Einstein – Documentary Throwback Thursday .

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