SHIFT: Organic Panic Documentary

SHIFT: Organic Panic Documentary

What does “organic” really mean? Should you eat it? And why does it cost more at the grocery store? Available on YouTube and TELUS Optik TV ► Subscribe

In this documentary, we take a closer look at the organic food debate through the dirtiest fruits in North America: the apple. We interview an organic apple farmer and a conventional apple farmer to find out how they farm and what sort of chemicals they use to grow our food. We also talk to a toxicologist and a UN sustainability consultant to find out just how dangerous pesticides are to our health.

Produced with support of TELUS.

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Produced by Steamy Window Productions
Hosts: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor
Director/Producer/Writer: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor
DOP: Bjorn Hermannes
Camera Operators: Bjorn Hermannes, Sean Cox
Production Assistant: Morgan Strug
Editors: Shaun Rykiss
Colour: Scott McKenzie
Original Music: Jeff Cancade
Post-Production Sound: Miguel Araujo, Jamie Bell
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12 thoughts on “SHIFT: Organic Panic Documentary”

  1. Pretty good, but a little soft on the health impacts issue. The question, "Where does my I-Pad come from?" is also profound, and means that things like Greenpeace's Greener Electronics campaign are as important as organic food. Corporations are not transparent about many issues of synthetic chemicals, and really, are they non-toxic or toxic? Most are TOXIC, and that goes for AGROCHEMICALS. Sure, nobody wants to panic for real, or cause a mass scare, but chemicals are already being identified in human breast milk. I recall reading about one study in Germany, for example. The WHO has a health alert on eating tuna for pregnant mothers. Eskimoes (or some indigenous group) in the Arctic have chemicals in their systems. These are a bunch of references that could help make that, "I don't know" a little more solid, and strengthen when you mention that "C" word, cancer.

  2. Guys, I love the work you're doing. I'm a large scale biotech farmer (specializing in Black Soldier Flies, Azolla and other weird critters) from South Africa and I would love to get involved with what you guys are doing. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys.

  3. I'm watching all your videos for a science project at school, and they are all really cool! Lol rhymes 🙂

  4. Great show except you should be telling the local farmers to support their cities by getting themselves out there.  I think EVERYONE would buy local if it was an option.  I have never seen a farmers market where I live and Im surrounded by farmers.  I heard they are open for 4 hours only on Saturdays 8am to 1.  Hey lets get everyone up super early on their only day off to buy potatoes?  Brutal.  The problem is simple….make grocery stores sell local…and organic products.  Make it the law.  We'll see how fast farmers change their ways.  Problem solved.

  5. This is a great series! Keep up the great work!! Very interesting and a good way to answer questions we think about! Thanks guys! 🙂

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