While looking for evidence of global warming in Canada, a mission backfired and disproved the ridiculous theory.
The BaySys 2017 program is a 17 million dollar study into climate change. The project is spearheaded by the University of Manitoba. But, the cold weather stopped the study group and their ship, the CCGS Amundsen Ice Breaker, from moving forward on the ‘fact-finding’ mission.

They ended up needing much more support anticipated. Fleet management issues and inadequate alternative ships caused the end of the science program prematurely due to significant safety concerns.

This decision to cancel the BaySys 2017 program was not made lightly. Although the cancellation was because of the circumstances beyond the control of the Expedition Team, every effort was ensured to develop a good option to allow this ridiculous mission to proceed.

Dr. David Barber, who was leading the now canceled expedition, told CNN, “Considering the severe ice conditions and the increasing demand for search and rescue operations and ice escort, we decided to cancel the BaySys mission.”Breitbart’s James Delingpole pointed out how this is the third ship to stop its mission into finding proof of global warming:

There was the Ship of Fools expedition was an Australian climate researcher named Chris Turkey who had to end the trip to the melting Antarctic after his ship got stuck in the ice.

The Caitlin Expedition – supported by the Prince of Wales – in which Pen Haddow and his team had to abandon their trip to the North Pole because it was colder than they’d expected.The most recent trip was by Ship of Fools II, in which a global warming research voyage by David Hempleman Adams had to be ended because of the ice that wasn’t melting.
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  1. some of you will think global warming is fake even as the sun cooks you to death. that will be a good day

  2. Tossers, $17 million??? total waste of money when mass amounts of people are starving without food and clean water. Planet is under Pole Shift. This happens every 20 000 year's or so. But people are quick to try make a few dollars out of heavy burdened hard working people. This is Shameless.

  3. In the 1960's the public schools were all preaching about the coming ice age. P.T Barnum was right.

  4. Forget left or right spin.
    Learn about facts the majority of specialists provide.
    Pull yourselfs out of your polarised biased politisized emotions.
    You owe it to your brains, sanity, country, children, our future, the planet, us.

  5. Fuck the liberal crew I hope they drown. Global warming when blaming humans is a hoax. Thanks Al Gore for spreading the lie. The ice caps are supposed to be melting. This shit had been going on way before. I hope the left would just go up there and all drown

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