Solar Car technology by Pakistan

Solar Car technology by Pakistan
A solar powered vehicle can only run efficiently when the sun shines, although most vehicles of this type have a battery backup. Electricity is stored in the batteries when the sun is shining and this power can be used when sun light is restricted (cloudy). The batteries are normally nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium batteries (NiCd), Lithium ion batteries or Lithium polymer batteries. Common lead acid batteries of the type used in the average family car are too heavy. Solar powered cars normally operate in a range of 80 to 170 volts. To reduce friction with the ground the wheels are extremely narrow and there are usually only three.
These are expensive to produce and usually seat only one or two people. The main cost is due to the large number of expensive and delicate photovoltaic solar panels that are needed to power the vehicle. Also, many of the solar powered cars used in races today are composed of expensive, lightweight materials such as titanium composites. These materials are normally used to manufacture fighter jets. Carbon fibre and fibre glass are also used for much of the bodywork. Most of the cars used in races are hand made by specialist teaFor More exciting Products…
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EEVblog #923 - World's Fastest Solar Electric Car

A brief look at the UNSW EVE solar electric car at Electronex 2016, the world’s fastest solar electric car.

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25 thoughts on “Solar Car technology by Pakistan”

  1. make a AWD solar/electric/gas or diesel generator hybrid light duty pickup truck….Add 1 motor to each wheel, cover the hood,roof and truck bed cover with solar panels, then add a 2000 watt inverter style generator and you're done….It's possible to make a tube chassis truck frame and bed that could still hold a bit of weight…Truck could have great ground clearance for odd road….I don't understand why this would be so hard to do?? We're a long way off from building any practical full time usable 100% solar electric car but all you gotta do is….Motor, solar panels,inverter generator BOOM you're done and now have a practical solar/gas/electric hybrid….Why is that so fucking hard to do??

  2. I wonder what the solar cell encapsulation layering is like, in order to protect them and not lose to much efficiency in the protective outer layer?

  3. Real question is: How many 90's civics could you have made with the fossil fuel energy used to make this, and how far could you have driven them? At least a dozen for years and years. Ockham's razor.

  4. Solar is definitely the way to go..with a reliable supply of sunshine of course. This technology will get better still hopefully.

  5. still waiting for the Chinese to reverse engineer a Tesla model S and sell it as a DIY Kit car for less then the cost of a golf cart or disability scooter!

  6. Hard to watch full screen with the shaky camera (phone?). Please use a real camera next time with image stabilization. Interest though.

  7. if it can hold more than just the driver , has a good turning radius, you can get 100ks out of it, and costs less than an electric scooter . i will buy one


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