Solar Panel Systems for Beginners – Pt 1 How It Works & How To Set Up

In this video, I will show you in layman’s terms how a solar panel system works and how to set one up in 2 different types of systems. This video is intended for beginners so obviously there is a lot more involved than I am explaining but this covers the basics to get started.

I bought that 10 watt solar panel from Solar Blvd ( I got the charge controller cheap from Amazon (there are numerous brands and knock-offs). I also got the battery from Amazon ( Everything in that video could cost between and 0 depending on the products you buy and how good they are. I prefer cheap stuff for experiments so if I damage them I am not going to be too upset.
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  1. Hey quick question would I be able for example to power a fan using the power of the solar panel, and whatever I don't use goes to the battery?????????

  2. even these small setups are very useful. I set up a small DC setup to heat my sunroom/dog room in the winter and to keep vegetables all year.

  3. even these small setups are very useful. I set up a small DC setup to heat my sunroom/dog room in the winter and to keep vegetables all year.

  4. If I'm traveling in a van can you put a link in your information box for like a 100 watt panel a good deep recycling battery and an inverter / and or controller together

  5. Yes will my inverter come with a built in controller? What is the difference can I use one without the other?

  6. Thank you , being I'm new to this its best then to store the solar in the battery can I use a marine battery with this method also then?

  7. The last section of this Video shows a 12V solar panel with Inverter…. Those that means Without a STORAGE medium and Solar Controller there is away to Get AC light using SOLAR PANEL AND INVERTER only…..
    Also how do we determine the load capability of particular panel we are using

  8. can a 40 watt solar panel charge a 12v deep cell? if so how long if completely drained? I have to use a Cpap and I'm looking for an emergency back up.

  9. HI, i would like to know the maximum Current that a 12v 7ah (i guess that's the kind of battery you are using) battery can be charged with? Great video btw.

  10. Okay forgive my stupid Questions but I just want to be safe. I bought a second hand "kit" that had the Panels and the Charge Controller. I have the batteries and I am only using the system for heating and lighting in our barn during birthing if the electric goes out. So it is a back up … But the charge controller has two lights and some usb ports for charging stuff. So my Question is this. I don't have an inverter yet … But is it safe to use the usb ports and two lights that came with the kit without a Charge controller??? The lights plug with a Car Charger looking end … Again you can tell I am a newbie so sorry for the simplistic question but don't want to burn my barn down either … LOL

  11. sir can i use solar panel 12v 10 watts to run charger controller 12 volt battery and 300 watts inverter?

  12. While efficiency is important, it's incremental and not some huge leap forward. If you are putting in a brand new system, you have to compare cost/benefit. Most roofs have room to spare, so is it really worth the extra cost to have fewer expensive panels instead of more, cheaper ones (for the same amount of power produced)? Just have to do the math.

    Before committing to any Grid-Tie system, you should know the downside. If you decide to sell your house, prospective buyers might not like the idea of taking over your Grid-Tie contract. Also, you should know that having that huge, expensive rack of panels on your roof does not protect you from power blackouts. Grid-Tie systems do not work when the grid goes down. You will be in the dark just like your neighbors.

  13. Can a 100 watt mono solar panel charge a 1.2 amp 12 volt battery during the day while at night the battery is powering a system demanding 4.6 watts of power?   All this on a cloudy overcast day.

  14. Trump is going to bring back coal. Get bankrupt companies back in business, rehire retired coal miners, train a new generation of miners, tear down all windmills and solar panels. He will also bring back manufacturing jobs, reopen the factories and undo thirty years of automation.

  15. I still love how half the solar companies say "you never need to clean our panels!" then the other half is like "ill charge you 10$/mo to clean your panels!?"

  16. just fkin put the title revolusun, i dont want to waste time with your bullsh*t, why the feck would you make your video as clickbait? you might not realize but people hate clickbait and even if your product is as good as advertised, many people will not buy it, simply because they were duped into watching this ad, which really is a turnoff!

  17. I have a 2×2 inch solar panel that gives me 100000 watts. brand name is " those little green men from area 51 now their shit!

  18. what I'm looking at is the new sun city solar unbreakable glass shingle that replaces the roof..suppose to last 50 years and be as cheap as a regular asphalt shingle roof…
    we'll see. everyone else that's tried the shingle has gone bankrupt

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