Solar panels for the beginner How to Part one Missouri Wind and Solar simple instructions

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Build DIY solar panels, homemade from scratch! It can be fun and easy to build solar panels from scratch. For further details, a shopping list, diagrams, specs and dimensions follow along with this blog:

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38 thoughts on “Solar panels for the beginner How to Part one Missouri Wind and Solar simple instructions”

  1. Hi Jeff, Your explanation is to the point and simple to understand to any novice starter. Can you explain what is the wear and tear and cost factor for Solar Panel? that part is crucial among what we have installed so far.

  2. I gave an 8 by 8 tree house that I want about three lights in what would be a good setup for me to start off with.

  3. Hi Jeff. I am new to solar. How hard would it be to install my own solar system to offset some of my electricity?

  4. best video out there believe me, funny and easily informative, hey buddy, I got some small micro hydro turbines that you can connect to the Waterhouse or other hydro outlets they put out a max of 80v but only a max of 220mah, I was thinking of wiring them in series and getting at least an amp.out of it, my question, what charge controller would I use for something like this? I'm on a strict budget. thanks and keep the videos coming.

  5. I've been trying to get my head around this for so long. Your video has made it much easier for me to understand, thank you Jeff. Now I can't wait to get started with solar! ☀️

  6. thanks man . I learned a lot that I dident know . I'd like more of ur videos . I want solar an u made it simple to understand .

  7. sounds like a stupid question But wanting to keep the volt meter. the charge controller and the ammeter altogether, remote from the battery and not wanting cables running everywhere, can the analog volt meter be wired straight into the battery terminals of the charge controller? Thanks.

  8. buy a new camera and microphone please. You have good content but you need to up your audio and video

  9. i like your video very clear to follow for beginner like me.Ihave already 4x 500 watts solar panel which i both already one by one.
    what control and how many battery i need etc…any advice will much appreciate thank you

  10. can i use this set up to hook up 3 alternators to the battery to get full power into a circuit breaker.can you teach me to do this

  11. Hi I have 2 panal 80 v and 2 batris 12v 200w I went uosd 2 computer and 1tv day time is OK but in evening am not see TV anly 1howr he say battery low my enviter 1400w 24 volt

  12. Scratch means you need to gather Raw resources and process them into processed components and use those components to create the final product

  13. How did you learn how to do your projects, school, dad, etc? I learned a lot shadowing my father in my youth and have done a lot of my own renovations teaching my daughters a long the way!

  14. Hi Pippi, to stop getting fingerprints etc on solar cells wear some nitrile gloves or similar, just a passing thought 😉

  15. I'm surprised she got anything right. She's got the polarity backwards. The front is negative and the back is positive….

  16. I like what you are doing and appreciate the overview, but found the explanation a bit unclear and choppy. I didn't follow everything, but was glad you showed it.

  17. There is a good diy green energy guide on EzBatteryKit ( . ) com that can help you save huge on batteries

  18. do not use much of the solder past, and make sure it doesn't have acid in the past. Most of the solder past has some acid. The acid may damage the cells. I spent my life solder, 2-Way radio repair and other things. I have had troubles when using soldering past.

  19. With the price of Solar Panels nowadays, it's almost not even worth it to DIY. It's a dollar watt right now for 24v panels.

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