Solar Water Heater Demonstration

Solar Water Heater Demonstration

Proof of concept trough solar water heater

Hot water for your off the grid living. Great for Tiny House, RV, Campground, or Home. Instant hot water from the sun.

Build for less than .00, See how

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Solar water heater, perfect for tiny house or off the grid living
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38 thoughts on “Solar Water Heater Demonstration”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. While there are lots of interesting comments, know that I found you while looking for examples of how to heat just over a cup of water to use in my Aeropress. I don't need a capacity of more than one cup, so this solution is among the tops. We're soon to be full time RVers, and want to figure out unique ways to conserve LP/electric. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. This would never work to heat any useable amount hot water…………maybe 1/2 cup of coffee…..shower not

  3. Awesome video, First time iv'e heard of Parabolic and truly interested in learning more about it. Could this method be used in making hot air ?

  4. so only in the daytime and not night time where it's usually cold[er].. how to store? hhmmm

  5. All that excellent work & then he shows complete ignorance by referring to WATER VAPOUR as STEAM !! Steam is an invisible GAS !! the visible element emanating from the pipe is WATER VAPOUR !!

  6. Here's an out of the box suggestion chip packets turned inside out as the reflector (same as Mylar??)
    Just a thought

  7. my Grumman Sun Stream solar water installed in 1978 COOKE water for thirty years before the A O Smith stainless steel tank began leaking. The optimal tilt is 37° , I had 45° in my location. on Dec 21 , a partly dsy, the late afternoon tank temp was 97°. 80 gallons of warm water when the incoming temp was 52°.
    Cost with tax credit: 1695.00
    Install labor 350
    antifreeze replace 300
    total cost $2445
    reduction in electric bill was over 200 kwhr per month
    200 kwhr yearly or $240.00 per year electric cost
    80,000 lbs of pollution !
    A hybrid water heater cost $1395.00 and will reduce electric bill almost as much as the solar water heater.

  8. Mount this below a water tank, then allow convective circulation to heat the water in the tank by day, then by night, the heated water will stay elevated in the tank.
    Likewise, make another radiator, but mount it above a second tank, to cool the water by night with convective circulation, then by day, the cool water will stay low in the water tank.
    This way, you have both hot and cold water available.

  9. one question ….. anybody, what would be a good "REFLECTIVE" material…. and not aluminum foil, to hard to get smooth and also clean without damaging.???

  10. That's not fast, immobile water isn't that hard to heat, not to mention that is an impractical setup. test it with moving water.

  11. Nice explanation, but old technology. I installed manufactured heating units that worked on this principle in the early 1970's – more than 50 years ago.

  12. Hi thanks for the video.

    During a visit to India, I stayed with a family who had a massive black rubber tank on the roof. (300 litre+ ? )

    They used to pump water from a deep bore hole in the ground into the tank and Volia they had plenty of free hot water as and when they needed it.

    Many households did the same.

    I have had similar experiences in Southern Europe and The Caribbean.

  13. I watched this & I understand all the haters, what a load of BS clickbait rubbish. How is this nonsense supposed to be the 'fastest solar water heater'?

  14. Put a T in the PVC pipe and attach another shutoff valve that is attached to another 5 gallons of cold water that is not in the sun so that you can regulate the temperature as it hits you in the shower and you will not get scalded!

  15. Paradigm shift in thinking…. Poster is not saying you will have hot water in minutes. He is saying you can build it in minutes. Also because he is a drain guy he is trying to sell drains. Could be expandable by stacking bottles on top of each other in a watertight way. Maybe with even MORE drains. Cheers,

  16. For even faster hot water, use 480 2 liter bottles and set them in the sun. It'll be way fast. Make sure to use them apple drains for even faster really hotter water. Lol. What a joke.

  17. This is probably a half ways decent idea in some hot state like Florida or southern California but would be a waste of time and money up here in the north…especially in the winter. Also, why the title? you say "minutes" in the title, but then say "hours" in your video. If you don't tell falsehoods people will like and appreciate your stuff a lot more. Just be honest and be yourself.

  18. I cannot understand all the hateful comments. This is a good way to get a heated shower in a pinch. The gentleman is simply putting an idea out and doubtless, this is not meant to be a full time water tank or source.
    Jeepers, all the hateful comments, its a wonder anyone shares their ideas anymore.
    Lighten up, people.

  19. as a retired plumber I have made a similar tank to this one but instead of the lavatory drain, I used an 11/2"x 1/2" sch. 80 pvc bunghole fitting that will make the bottom installation neater as it does away the drain, the slip joint adapter and the reducer and will make up closer to the vessel itself, absolutely nothing wrong with your design though

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