Steam Drillers (Geothermal Energy Development)

Geothermal drilling is the process of creating boreholes in the earth to extract the earth’s heat.

Geothermal Exploration is the exploration of the subsurface in search of viable active geothermal regions with the goal of building a geothermal power plant, where hot fluids drive turbines to create electricity. Exploration methods include a broad range of disciplines including geology, geophysics, geochemistry and engineering.

Geothermal regions with adequate heat flow to fuel power plants are found in rift zones, subduction zones and mantle plumes. Hot spots are characterized by four geothermal elements. An active region will have:

Heat Source – Shallow magmatic body, decaying radioactive elements or ambient heat from high pressures
Reservoir – Collection of hot rocks from which heat can be drawn
Geothermal Fluid – Gas, vapor and water found within the reservoir
Recharge Area – Area surrounding the reservoir that rehydrates the geothermal system.

Exploration involves not only identifying hot geothermal bodies, but also low-density, cost effective regions to drill and already constituted plumbing systems inherent within the subsurface. This information allows for higher success rates in geothermal plant production as well as lower drilling costs.

As much as 42% of all expenses associated with geothermal energy production can be attributed to exploration. These costs are mostly from drilling operations necessary to confirm or deny viable geothermal regions. Some geothermal experts have gone to say that developments in exploration techniques and technologies have the potential to bring the greatest advancements within the industry.
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20 thoughts on “Steam Drillers (Geothermal Energy Development)”

  1. I certainly hope they use steel well casing and concrete to keep contamination out of the aquifer. As they drill down they can encounter NORM or oil reservoirs that can ruin ground water.

  2. These Geo-thermo plants are the Most Crude & HalfAss Designs that a person could do to achieve a working model. They are Not even Closed loop systems… I be surprised if it actually Utilize even 5% of the Thermo-units surfaced. FnJunk

  3. Location, location, location…….. the only reason why Iceland chose GeoThermal! The high plains of central North America or any continent are the absolute worst for this technology……adds another 3000 to 5000 feet of vertical rock just to get back down to sea level. The devil is in the details…….a major gamble in most locations……. I completed a thesis on GeoThermal at University years ago.

  4. Like complaints about oil, will geothermal rob heat from the Earth and disrupt the Planet? Cooling? Earthquakes? Water contamination? Plate Movements? Ocean Cooling? I know, like oil and gas and climate, us humans are fleas on an elephant, yet I will trow it out there.

  5. They say it could make polluting powerplants a thing of the past and one minute later they say it's like finding a needle in a haystack? Fail. Thorium can produce this power on demand, just about anywhere. #LFTR

  6. I invented a breakthrough low-power, sustainable source of energy. It will be useful in medical electronics and for cellular telephones. I am looking for $400 000 of seed money
    in exchange for equity. H. Tomasz Grzybowski, e-mail: htg(at)

  7. Some scientist are the worst people for this planet. We don't need to drill deep for anything. This is just the goal for a company to control the energy and create a really bad situation for the entire planet. Power should be made locally for each home not centrally. There is enough heat energy below every home that can provide what is needed for daily life. Local township or even neighborhood power generation is possible combined with solar, wind and earth heat. The concentration of all power generation from a single point and sending it to a large area of long distances is stupid, costly and can have catastrophic effects. We will only survive if we learn to be conservative, share with each other and be smart. Our children should be made aware of the issues and be apart of the solution. Build small local power generation facilities in communities based on renewable technology, even community compost energy, to make production safe. Make sure our kids know what it takes to keep the lights on and what they're responsible for to continue having a the things they have without polluting everything around them. Just my thoughts. We can do much better. Old school professionals and scientist don't always come up with the best solutions because they are bound by the money makers that push them to produce results, which in turn make our lives worse because they only see the monetary side of the equation.

  8. I agree with the technology of Algae the algae exist everywhere, and algae is able to convert waste water into clean water.

    for the solar and wind, put it up above the cloud and the ground to have sunlight and wind all year long and maybe if there can a wireless connection to the generator. Solar and wind energy plan won't be a problem


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