20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array

These pictures are of an installation of a 20 Kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array (Electricity) . This Solar Photovoltaic PV Array was designed and installed by Extend Energy, LLC of Greensboro, NC. Please visit our website at www.ExtendEnergy.com to see how we can help your business lessen it ‘s carbon footprint and lower energy cost. … Read more

2,400w backyard solar panel array. Added six more Renogy 100w (12v) panels!

2,400 watts on this array. Total array power (three arrays) is 4,900 watts. My backyard solar panel arrays power 75-80% of my house’s electric power. I engineered, designed, built, and tested my system by myself. The system is “partial” off-grid…I do NOT sell back to the power company. I use solar to REDUCE the KW/H … Read more