Endless Free Energy Power Strip EXPOSED!

ANOTHER popular Youtube “Free Energy” device EXPOSED! See how this TRICK was likely done. *Link to my “Free Energy” Scam Playlist: **Looking for GREAT prices(Usually LOWER than Ebay) on Electronics, Household goods, Automotive tools, Quadcopters, Arduino & much more? Visit the link below. Your purchase supports my channel. http://bit.ly/2b2J1rr **SAVE MONEY with these coupon codes: … Read more

An inconvenient truth, Al Gore Exposed by Lord Monckton Climategate , a clip from Apocalypse? No!

Please I implore you to watch the entire video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPtC5K8wck8 With COP 15 looming, whereby global governance is on the agenda based on the debunked science recently exposed by climategate, Lord Christopher Monckton has been fighting the UN agenda BS for years. This video was from october 2007 according to the slides, in the video … Read more