Snow Leopard: First Intimate Images In The Wild – Planet Earth – BBC Earth

On the treacherous slopes of the Himalayas, no hunter other than the Snow Leopard would have a chance of catching such agile prey as the Markhor Taken From Planet Earth, Episode 2, Series 1 Subscribe to the BBC Earth YouTube channel: Earth YouTube Channel: BBC Earth Facebook http://www. FACEBOOK /bbcearth BBC Earth Twitter … Read more

10 Images Show China’s Doomsday Air Pollution | China Uncensored

Even state-run Chinese media is calling China’s air pollution a “doomsday.” Smog is so off the chart in cities like Beijing that it’s been called “crazy bad.” And it’s causing cancer, heart and lung disease that is killing potentially millions a year. And guess what? It’s traveling to America… Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army! … Read more