What is fossil fuel divestment and why does it matter? | Keep it in the ground

Climate change can be tackled using a very simple idea – divestment. It means taking your money away from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels. Subscribe to The Guardian ► http://is.gd/subscribeguardian Here, Guardian journalist and US author Bill McKibben explains where the idea came from; why it’s been central to any environment solution; its successful … Read more

GLOBAL WARMING is RACIST! – Black Lives Matter vs Air

TRIGGER ME STREET TEE SHIRT! �м http://bit.ly/2c1N2PH Did you know that air pollution is racist? No? Well, neither do most people. Probably because that’s retarded, but that hasn’t stopped a group of (entirely white) Black Lives Matter protesters from rallying behind that cause and lying on an airport runway delaying hundreds upon hundreds of flights … Read more

Facts of the Matter – Rap on Recycling by Michael Mann

As part of the promotion of work done at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and to bring awareness to the issue of recycling, the university has created “Facts of the Matter,” a rap music video about recycling. The lyrics are written by Michael Mann, the university’s Facilities Operations Coordinator. The video was released by the … Read more