NASA Earth Science: A Vision for the Future

The vantage point of space provides an ideal platform from which to study the Earth, it’s natural processes, and the impact of human activity. In recent decades, NASA Earth science research has provided a vastly improved understanding of our home planet. The next few decades will bring technological advances that will revolutionize our ability to … Read more

NASA | Earth Science Week: Salt of the Earth

“Salt of the Earth” is Episode 4 in the six-part series “Tides of Change”, exploring amazing NASA ocean science to celebrate Earth Science Week 2009. To find out more visit Want more? Subscribe to NASA on iTunes! Or get tweeted by NASA: twitter: #NASAGoddard Salinity plays a major role in how ocean waters … Read more

NASA descobre Kepler-90, o sistema solar mais parecido com o da Terra

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Global Warming – Natural vs. Manmade Causes Compared By NASA | Video

When you compare possible natural causes (orbital, solar and volcanic activity) over the course of the last 100+ years, to possible manmade causes (aerosols, deforestation and greenhouses gases), the winner is clear. Greenhouse gases directly correlate to an increase in Earth temperature. Credit: NASA/GSFC GISS Video Rating: / 5 They build transparent boxes, fill some … Read more