How to Save Money through Minimalism, Living Simply, and Going Green

In this video I share some suggestions for how to live more simply and in turn save money and make more eco-friendly choices in the process. Spin for Perfect Skin – SPECIAL SUBSCRIBER COUPON 🙂 Coupon Code: MH4Spin2 70% discount off .99 Final cost – and free U.S. & Canadian shipping (This coupon does … Read more

How to make a Solar Panel – Wiring, Soldering, and Cell Layout – Explained Simply!

This “how to make a solar panel” video shows how to connect everything together including all wiring, soldering and cell layout (using tabbed solar cells). Full easy instructions. if you are using “untabbed” solar cells watch my video on “Solar Cell Tabbing”. (tabbing is very easy to do). items can be bought as a kit … Read more