Tankless VS Tank Water Heater (Complete Explanation)

http://quickwaterheater.com/noritz-tankless-water-heaters/ Click Here For Complete Pricing For Tankless Water Heaters The pros and Cons of a tankless water heater Pros • Save 5 to 5 on your gas bill per year by purchasing a tankless water heater. 00 – 00 over 12 years. -Save 0-0 with a Navien A series tankless water heater. This unit … Read more

Thermal Energy Storage Tank Build

Did this for my Mechanical Engineering senior project at Cal Poly Pomona. Check out full project info here: https://portfolium.com/martinruiz1 Thermal Energy Tank: Our design utilizes Phase Change Material in order to store heat for later use. The phase change material used is paraffin wax, which can be thought of as like candle wax except it … Read more