Global Warming Science – Climate Change Facts Statistics – Energy Speaker – Futurist Keynote Ice core samples. Graphs of carbon dioxide and temperature. Future is about emotion. Scientific debate and controversy. Ice caps carbon dioxide bubbles trapped, carbon dioxide concentrations, tree ring climate estimates, hydrogen isotopes in ice, ice ages mapping and climate history, Future climate change and future carbon dioxide levels. Future peak of atmospheric levels of … Read more

What is Global Warming explained and its effects in Urdu & Hindi

In this video you will watch about: Global Warming Information in Urdu, what is global warming, what is global warming and its effects?, global warming information, Global warming, also referred to as climate change, is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its related effects.[1][2] Multiple lines of … Read more


“Known” Chemicals used in Geoengineering: Aluminum Oxide, Thorium Oxide, Silver Iodide, liquid propane, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia Nitrate, Urea, Welsback materials, Refractory materials, Industrial Particles, dry ice, salts. United States Patent 5,003,186 Chang , et al. March 26, 1991 Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming Military Weather Modification: Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: … Read more

Global warming: Causes and Solutions

Video compilation for Graduate Students meet 2010, held in ACTREC, Mumbai. Awareness video for global warming and green house effect, along with role of Human kind as a cause as well as in taking steps for controlling it. Acknowledgement: Discovery, NatGeo and BBC videos used for compilation along with Evolution:an animated short film by William; … Read more

Green house Effect and Global warming

Green house Effect and Global warming Video Rating: / 5 Check out our video on “Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming” Visit our website for more information: I hope you enjoy this online lecture on “Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming | Environmental Science | EVS” by LetsTute. #Globalwarming #Greenhouseeffect #Greenhousegases #EnvironmentStudies This Video covers : … Read more