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  1. You cant go by this post, most tankless water heaters range from $100 for 3.2 GPM LPG, $150 for 3.2 GPM Natural Gas, $200 for the Electric versions, more gallons per minute "GPM" higher the cost, but as an example a single family home 2-3 people you will use 1.5 to 2.0 GPM at the shower so if someone may use hot water from another faucet in the house you may get cooler water, but you can bump up the size of the unit still much less than a water heater unit, water heaters can range from $400 to $1,600 depending on size tank, power exhaust, pilot or electronic ignition, so do not count out the tankless water heaters, there is less wasted gas for a tankless, a standard hot water heater will cycle when water get below a certain temperature so your using gas to heat water that is being stored, why throw your money away, plus most tankless water heaters carry the same warranties as the tank versions. I rather pay $150 than $400 any day.

  2. I have 2 hot water tanks. One is for heating my floors in the basement and the other supplies hot water to my home. They take up quite a bit of space and I was wondering…. can I buy 1 tankless hot water heater to replace both tanks or would I need to buy 2 of them?

  3. the electric tankless water heaters are a lot cheaper than most electric tanks now. I recently switched and indeed noticed a drop in electric bill, not too much. but enough that it'll pay for itself in about a year or a bit more

  4. PowerFlex water heaters have 6 years warranty on their tanks. My 75-gallon PowerFlex water heater busted after 6 years 11 days. I got a basement flooded with water, I politely called the manufacturer- the American Water Heater Company in Johnson City TN to see if anything they could help, I talked to a customer service representative named Michael, he said "you are 11 days out of warranty, out-out-warrant is out-out-warranty, there is nothing we can do about it. " The attitude of this person was so careless and it made me a little bit upset. So… I went out searching for another water heater tank, talking to myself never buy another PowerFlex tank again, even with 50% Black Friday discount. Looking thru YouTube I saw everyone talking about the TANKLESS system and how good and how efficient they are. After two days doing research I decided to buy the newest RINNAI available, knowingly it would cost me between $5,000 to $6,000. I called Addario, an authorized RINNAI heater company in Woburn MA, and purchased the RUR-98i (this model has the RE-CIRCULATION option which circulates the water in the pipe so that you don't have to wait long for the hot water. My master bedroom is around 50-60ft away from the unit, I wasted around 3-4 gallons of cold water every time using the shower with the water heater tank I had before)
    The Addario Company sent out two installers, it took the two guys from 9AM to 6PM to install this machine. These guys worked non stop, did not even take any breaks, I felt bad so I got them lunch and a bucket full of cold drinks. They ran a whole new 25-foot ONE INCH gas pipe straight from the outside main line to the unit, installed the circulation unit near the master bedroom, replaced two long 4-in intake and exhaust, added a sum-pump, carbon/smoke detector near the unit, ran whole new condensation pipe to the waste line…. not to mention the electrician guy stopped by for an hour or so for the power outlets. Right after 6PM I got hot water again. Thank you so much for those two good installers from Addario, they are the real true good American workers. Behind a good company is always a big group of great workers like this. I greatly appreciate it, guys. I strongly recommend this company to anyone who lives around Boston area.
    This machine is a real deal, unlike made-in-China stuff, the Japanese never mess around with their products, this baby was made in Nagoya Japan and you can tell it is a good solid heater. I am in the electronic business for more than 20 years myself and I know whether it is a good machine or not. After the $800 rebate, this machine, the installation and tax… cost me just a little more than $4,700.
    Now I have more room in the basement, never again worrying about 75 gallons of water flooded my electronic equipments. I am Real HAPPY now, no more upset with Michael.
    Anyway thank you Michael from PowerFlex who might have had a bad day and did not treat me good, made me upset and I lead me to a better water heater system…
    For those who hasn't decided whether to go with TANK or TANKLESS, look at my experience and make a good decision for yourself. To me, just the thought of not worrying of a flooded basement from the 75-gallon-water tank is worth every penny. It is really PRICELESS.
    Good luck and God loves you all.

  5. Another scam on homeowners.
    These save about 20% That's $60 – 70 / year for a family of four. Only worth it if you have a bunch of people taking showers at the same time and regularly run out of hot water.

    Why? Because:
    you're paying more for the unit,
    more for installation,
    may have to upgrade your gas line and meter,
    won't get hot water when the power is out.
    They are packed with electronics and temperamental,
    make a noise,
    require an outside wall to install.

    If you really think you need one of these, you need look into a bigger tank heater or maybe (if you don't have children in the house), turn up the temperature.

    Move over Heat Pump, you've met your match.


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