Tankless VS Tank Water Heater (Complete Explanation)

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The pros and Cons of a tankless water heater

• Save 5 to 5 on your gas bill per year by purchasing a tankless water heater. 00 – 00 over 12 years.
-Save 0-0 with a Navien A series tankless water heater. This unit has a recirculation system and a buffer tank to give you continuous and nearly instant hot water. This saves the water your would normally dump down the drain.
• They come with a 12 year warranty. Some have a 15 year warranty.
• Tankless water heaters can add value to your home and save you money each month. It’s an investment in modern technology.
• There are rebates through some utility companies.
• Endless hot water. This could be really beneficial for households that all shower at similar times.
• Quality tankless water heaters can last 10 years longer than a traditional storage tank water heater.
• They take up less space and can be used in an outdoor environment. This is good if you have a small house or need extra storage space.
• They are only using energy when you open a faucet.
•If you want to move your water heater to a different location, tankless water heaters are a great option.
• Most units have a remote control unit to help you control hot water usage and availability.
• Your natural gas line may need to be refitted to accommodate the additional gas demands of your tankless water heater. Gas line work is time consuming and expensive. This is becoming less of an issue with the newest more efficient tankless units. Most can run on standard half inch gas line.
• Tankless water heaters need to be serviced yearly to prevent failure and maintain efficiency. Installing a water conditioner or de-scale filter on your tankless water heater will reduce annual service costs. We have designed a system that does not need annual service.
• Tankless water heaters need to have electricity in addition to gas. We may need to subcontract an electrician to install a new electrical outlet near the tankless unit. This may increase the cost of installation.

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  1. what happen when electricity goes with the tankless ohhhh i know i know you're screw tank all the way always is and always will be the best

  2. You are not factoring in the deliming cost every year into the tankless cost. Normally this runs 250 a year so there is no savings. You also do not talk about the huge install cost. There is no pay back when you factor in yearly maintainer

  3. he's full of sht. he's not comparing. he's bashing tanks and frothing up tankless. system. scum salesman

  4. what kind of electric tankless can I use to fill a tub that needs 50 gallons? My current tanked hwh is too far from the tub and I need a solution to install by the tub to produce hot water at that location which is too far from the current tank.thanks!

  5. Tankless heaters cost so much of course the man wants to sell as many of them as good ol water heater that too many people are selling.

  6. The up front cost is so much that you will never make it up in savings. Buy a tank water heater.

  7. Save energy – save money.    An energy efficient car and home saves money.
    Save money by looking long term and not short term.  Spending a little more for energy efficiency saves money long term.
    An electric vehicle will save money over the long run. Walking, bicycling and mass transit are better yet.    I had an energy efficiency audit on my home and and followed the recommendations given. I added insulation and sealed air leaks. My energy bills went down 30% the following month. I am now replacing light bulbs with LED's which are 85% more efficient.  Spend a little money to save money every month after.  Electric car, electric lawn mower, electric snow blower, no emissions

  8. This guy is full of it………good luck with getting someone capable of repairing one of these tankless heaters a few years down the road… dont forget they also have to be de-limed once a year and it cost money…. Keep it simple stupid….. You are not going to save anything and if it cost 4 times more than a normal heater how many years will it take before you break even on pay back??? Actually, odds are it will break down before you break even on it….

  9. I have to challenge the statement about this system saving water, It doesn't in fact it waste water due to inconsistent sensing technology or whatever. Our unit is about 6 years old and it takes about that long for hot water top get to the kitchen about 25 Ft. away. The reason I say sensing is the problem is that the first closes shower is about 30 feet away from the unit and hot water gets there relatively faster and I think that has to do with the required volume of water flow.

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  11. Bullshit! He didn’t talk about the inconsistency and you have to maintenance it every year. Also you Waste about 3 1/2 gallons of water before it even gets hot

  12. Cool video bud… ur a salesmen
    Why dont u talk about when u run a recirc and u burn up the water heater and it goes out… whos gonna service it w a digital gas manometer? you and your pretty haircut…. this guy bothers me alot

  13. Well 1st off, to hell with any gas appliances. If you're worried about running out of hot water, get a bigger water heater. Like what has already been mentioned in the comment section, those tankless heaters isn't going to do it for the whole house. If you have 2 or more showers in your house and 2 people decide to take showers at the same time, forget about having warm water.

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