Texas Gusher Exposes Lie Of Peak Oil Pushed By Media

David Knight discusses how the mainstream media has been pushing lies on the American public for decades.

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20 thoughts on “Texas Gusher Exposes Lie Of Peak Oil Pushed By Media”

  1. I remember when the conspiracy nuts used to talk about how the oil companies colluded with the government to suppress green technology that had been developed over the last 70 years like the mythical engine that runs on water. Now it's environmentalism itself that's a cabal to depopulate the earth and put us in FEMA coffins. Oh how times have changed.

  2. 20 billion barrels of oil would last the world 7 months just to put your data into perspective furthermore America oil peaked in the 1970s 20 billion barrels of oil in the early 20th century was a average to small find. I normally respect this channel but this is blatantly misunderstanding peak oil. OPEC suggest we have enough oil until 2050… Very optimistic. I'm 19 my generation will face an energy crisis even with opecs ridiculous prediction. To say peak oil is a joke or is funny Is in itself laughable. Why would Canada destroy km of their natural forest for unconventional tar sands if oil was abundant? Why would Americas invest in fracking a highly controversial expensive form of extracting oil. how can you power cars with coal? How can you make plastics or pesticides from argri culture? We will face an energy crisis or at least a massive change on how we get our energy in the next 30 years.

  3. These guys are idiots there is a difference between oil deposits and production rates. To costly to produce in the arctic at these prices. Oil prices must rise before they can do that and when they do the economy will crash.

  4. It is simple. Good Oil is gone. Fact! Petrol in the 70ties could be easily stored for 25 years and more. Today you are lucky it doesn't run almost useless in a year. Fact! people are changing the world and do so with global worming. The question you can ask is; How bad is it? Ether way with 7 billion people, environment and animals will always draw the shorter stroh. Nature is always better of without humans. The Hubble curve is an estimate and didn't include things such as fracking etc. Fact! there always will be oil, but can you afford it to get it out of the ground. Fact! People like to lie and earn money. OPEC wants top price for there product other people want it at a barging. Fact! a lot of country's get there income from selling oil, they need that money at almost all cost. Even selling oil for a barging. But then they will think and stop throwing money around. They get in to saving modus.
    If the demand for oil gets higher, they will not invest for higher production in the first period.
    Greed make again take over in a while. Humans are at this time no smarter than worms on a apple. We don't have effect on the apple, the will 'say' . There is apple enough!. But one day.

  5. The earth is creating new oil all the time. It is just a way of getting richer. BUT. Burning oil is ancient technology by now. Time to lift the veil on the suppressed clean technology I know is out there. Check out Teslas work on power or Dr Royal and his cancer cure found in the 20´s or 30´s (been a while since I watched the vids on it)

  6. oil companies have been lying. Oil is not a fossil fuel. It does not come from dead animals and plants. this is a tactic to control prices. Earth naturally produces oil as a lubricant.


  8. Alaska's North Slope has MORE OIL than we could burn at today's levels for 200 years, Folks……and oh yea, ARCO was forced to transfer it's holdings to BP…old news, people

  9. Notice that the new discovery is 'shale oil' and not conventional oil. The difference is that conventional oil is trapped in small areas, whereas shale oil is dispersed throughout vast volumes of rock. Conventional oil is cheap to produce. Shale oil is very expensive in terms of materials, energy, and money. The only reason shale oil is being exploited is that we've run out of better options. Peak oil is not dead.

  10. Trumps possible first decision he will have to make in office will be over the Dakota pipeline. This will be interesting since Trump has investments in the company. The CEO of the company building the pipeline said in a pbs interview that since trump is going to be president that he is 100% positive that if they proceed with the pipeline without the necessary permits then trump will not prosecute and supply them with the necessary permits after he takes office. If Trump has any principles at all then he won't allow them to do this because this is exactly what he grilled Hillary and Obama for doing by being in bed with big companies and doing favors for them while ignoring the people. It is fitting that Trumps first major decision in office will involve an oil company that he is invested in. We will find out very shortly whether Trump is for real or full of crap.

  11. there are so many boots on the ground ready to defend our way of life, and truth, and freedom. also, we have, as freedom fighters, the very best intelligence teams the world has ever not seen. I cannot wait for justice to be laid at the feet of the criminal thieves and enemies of freedom. it will be a small bonus to have the vast wealth returned to its rightful owners here in the USA, that's us, the people, even democrats, as stupid as they are acting now, if they could only keep themselves out of prison. but the prospect of not only solvency, but great new wealth for all Americans under trump, through the elimination of the federal reserve, and the D.C. corporation, and the development of our new found natural resources. but, we have a battle ahead. we must clean up the criminal elite in such a way that they cannot rise up or restructure again. that, is going to take unity, unity between blacks and whites, republicans and democrats, and whoever else the elites saw fit to devide so that we would be weak and easy to conquer. right now, it doesn't look good, because there are a few who believe that 35 bucks an hour is great profit to have fun destroying cities. short sighted, to say the least, when there is so much at stake. the elites are taking hits like never before, they have been exposed world wide, trump knows, look at brexit, and numerous other places around the world, Putin forbids the Rothschild clan and Soros both from even setting foot in their country. Obama and his government cabal, along with the Clintons have a lot to lose, including their freedom, so don't be surprised, they will do whatever is necessary to keep the light of truth from shining too brightly on them. but you and I, we can keep talking, keep educating, keep exposing, and keep training and preparing for the worst, while hoping and praying for the best

  12. the global warming hoax to cap and trade their bullshit green initiatives, to tax hell out of us with carbon tax on your farts and cow farts, the liberal left, sucks. and driving our cars. global gasbag elite, taxing the population while they chem trail and spray like cockroaches,s.

  13. Great job Info Wars for getting real news out!!!  And yes Josh, take all the money away from the scam artist liers that stole the peoples money through the hand of the government,,,


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