The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning (FULL MOVIE)

The Antarcitica Chellenge: A Global Warning

Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth has done a lot to raise the international awareness of the environmental issue of global warming. But where do things stand today? The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning is a one-hour HD documentary that will go to the source of the climate change crisis: Antarctica. Here we will explore first-hand the environmental challenges facing that frozen continent and, by extension, the world.
The International Polar Years 2007-2009 represent an incredible opportunity for the world to work together. This film will meet these brave scientists working at Vernadsky Station and with the British Antarctic Survey as they concentrate their efforts living in often harsh and life-threatening conditions in their heroic attempt to save the world.
This documentary will also provide support interviews from polar experts and research scientists around the world as well as rare footage of wildlife including penguins in their hatching season.
The film reports on the new phenomenon of suicide among penguins, the imminent rise of the world’s sea level due to ice melting and show amazing footage of new vegetation growing in the world’s largest desert.
These new discoveries were considered so valuable that this film became the only one invited by the United Nations to screen to world leaders during the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December, 2009.
The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning provides audiences with a rare glimpse of the Earth’s most undiscovered continent through the eyes of award-winning cinematographer, Damir Chytil, CSC, one of the world’s foremost polar cameramen and a pioneer of HD film photography.
It is the mandate of this documentary to bring to light the theories and statistics first brought to the public’s attention in An Inconvenient Truth with hands-on exploration of the continent, its wildlife and the brave men and women who have given up the comforts of civilization in order to save it.
Winner of three international environmental film awards: The Silver Sierra Award (Yosemite International Film Festival, USA), Best Environmental & Ecology Film (International Film festival Ireland) and Best Climate Change Film (New Delhi Environmental & Wildlife Film Festival, India).

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  1. Wow, the polar cps were to be gone by 2012 and it did not happen…..Over 40 years of global warming predictions, and not one single one has come true !

  2. Anthropogenic global warming….if only it were so. Global warming would move the limit of the grain belt way up into Canada and Siberia.  Greater CO2 would dramatically increase crop yields. Hunger would cease globally. CO2 levels were many times greater in ancient times, yet no Armageddon occurred. Read the scientific papers of Dr. Heinz Hug to learn the truth of the limits of the greenhouse effects of CO2. It has very narrow bands of absorption, 1. 2.7, 4.3, 15 micrometers are the generalized spectral peaks. These  are ALL absorbed to extinction within 30 feet of the ground. Adding more does not increase energy absorption, but only reduces the distance needed for full absorption by a foot or two. In fact  high CO2 levels caused  higher O2 levels (photosynthesis) that  allowed the dinosaurs to exist. As an example, during the Cretatious period, there was NO ice at all at the poles, much higher CO2, and  the Earth was full of vegetation and dinosaurs. They could not live today as the O2 levels are too low for such large animals. The climate changes we have seen in the geologic record are entirely disconnected from the CO2 levels. The reason for climate change is entirely due to the output of the sun and the amount of cosmic rays striking the atmosphere. Watch the You Tube video "Svensmark: the cloud mystery" and maybe read his book "The chilling stars" to understand the reasons for climate change, and it has NOTHING to do with CO2. After doing these things,  look on the US Geologic Survey website and find the graphs of Earth temperatures over the last 2 million years. This time period includes all the recent ice ages. You will see that this data proves we are leaving the current interglacial warm period and are entering the next ice age. In our lifetimes we will be within the next ice age. The fraud of anthropogenic global warming exists because the globalists are subsidizing it to convince us to accept a global carbon tax, that is to get western nations to accept it. There is no call for China, the greatest producer of CO2 in history, to pay such a tax. ONLY the west. This tax will in effect take money from poor people in rich countries and give it to rich people in poor countries. These globalists know of the coming ice age. Who is paying to build their subterranean survival cities so they and their families and allies can re populate the Earth after the 100,000 year coming ice age ends? Why, YOU and ME are of course! If the climate could be changed with just the control of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, we could easily control the climate at will to get the temperatures we want. If we only could. Don't fall for this fraud. AGW is the greatest fraud ever thrust upon the people of the world in all of history. Don't buy it, educate yourself instead. As a final note, read about the Vostog ice core samples, and other following sample sets to see that ice ages are preceeded by a brief warming period. We are in that stage now.

  3. Ozone data only refers to the last reading 2009. This science is old data and not worth the time watching unless you need a history about collecting data.

  4. this is complete BULLSHIT lol……..try this experiment at
    home…….pour water into a container then add ice cubes to represent
    the north pole icebergs ……make a mark on the side of the container
    to where the water level is at, let the ice melt…….once the ice has
    melted then check the new water level,you will be shocked to see that
    the level has not changed,the water level is still at the same
    mark……Global warming is Bullshit…………

  5. Global warming is mostly caused by deforestation and building bloody great cities . Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen , the earth takes in carbon dioxide / monoxide and if we are laying swathes of concrete more carbon dioxide is not going to be absorbed by the land hence global warming .

  6. This morning we had one of our English Antarctic scientists talking to us IN ENGLAND about the ice breaking away which meant they had to move the base for safety, one other thing he mentioned was the amount of snow that will land on the base over the winter period, up to 50inch, so much for global warming !!.

  7. CLIMATE CHANGE is NATURAL not ANTHROPOGENIC Raw deal for Greenhouse Gasses
    I ask people – greenhouse gasses are bad for you, RIGHT? Most people when askes say yes. Next question – what is the most abundant greenhouse gas? Every time I get CO2. Water vapour or clouds is the right answer. Water vapour is the most significant greenhouse gas source and is responsible for roughly 96% of all greenhouse gasses. Without our greenhouse gasses we would be like the Moon. Greenhouse gasses keep us warm and protect us from dangerous x-rays, gamma rays, solar flares and solar winds. This is well known among climatologists and is common knowledge, but among special interests, certain governmental groups, and news reporters this is under-emphasized or just ignored altogether.
    CO2 is under 1% of all natural and manmade greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Of that one percent manmade CO2 makes up roughly four one hundredths of a percent. Half of the CO2 that comes from natural sources like volcanos or decay goes into the ocean and feeds the plankton to make half of our oxygen, and most of the rest feeds all the plants in the world with the help of photosynthesis that also gives us our oxygen. CO2 is good for life and at 400 parts per million is at one of its lowest levels in global history. Early man breathed 3000 parts per million and people that go down in submarines breath 8000 parts per million or more and they have their hand on the nuclear button.
    This is only a small part of the complex climate science issue and as a duel citizen I voted for Trudeau – Hillary Clinton and do not watch Fox news.
    Professor of creative studies retired Bob Evermon – Chairman ecology society 60s and worldwide member of the International Program on Climate Change (IPCC) 2009

  8. so who are gonna stop all the vulcanos? and all the vulcanos they dont talk about. the vulcanos under the ice…Global warming my cold ass.

  9. So lets see. It took 20 years and a total world ban on cfcs to arrest the Hole in the Ozone layer. Which WE created. We are pumping 30,000,000,000 tons of Co2 into the atmosphere. Co2 lasts for hundreds of years. Our corrupted so called leaders have said. "Lets agree to a 20% reduction in Co2 emissions and hope we can keep Global Warming to under 2'c" Knowing full well that Co2 emissions are going to reach 40,000,000,000 tons within a decade ?Mmmm! We need a WAR, a civil war in every country, to get rid of corrupted political leadership. We need scientists and highly qualified academics to get us out of this hole. Otherwise WE the Human Race are going the way of the DoDo.Replace every light bulb with an led. Shut down all coal, oil and gas fired power stations. Replace with wind, solar, wave, geothermal, hydro, etc. The sun gives us enough kw energy in one day that would = 1 years consumption. Get in the streets and down tools and demand this now. The capitalists must be given no option but to make profit from clean sustainable energy. Its that or know your children will not see the future here on earth. Everywhere you look, bio life is collapsing at an alarming rate.

  10. Going through the comments and realizing how ignorant some people can be. It's so easy for people to believe in Religion yet not Global Warming? I get it, you're comfortable, you don't see any of this affecting your current lifestyle. But when shit hit the fans, I'm ready, you're not.

  11. Blast it to bits! We need the oil and I want a dinosaur fossil. Long live Russia. The only country to surpass fat cookie eating Americans in every possible way!

  12. For the denialista comments, Pleistocene avg CO2 rate-of-change 180-280ppm 305±5ppm gives 9% "natural variation" about every 100,000-years; at 405-ppm today we're at 45% variation in 260-years, 5-times natural variation.

    This hasn't occurred in the geologic record that fast ever before.


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