11 thoughts on “The Art & Science of Composting”

  1. I'm from Odessa Texas and I attended a Veggie Food Growers outfit back in the early 80'
    we were able to buy a nice wire compost unit that has a pleasant green coating for $7.99 each. I at the present still using it Now and It has a wire square center post that helps airate the compost. I grow many things here on my farm Fruit Trees, (Japanese Fuyu Persimmons)my favorite.
    All vegies we can eat. I also work with Grafting, Layering, and trying to learn all I can to grow whatever will keep me going. I own 11 acres here in East Texas am 78 years young and plan to stay that way.
    Thank you for the Great Info.

  2. Question,does yeasts and brewer yeasts quicken composting?Cooked veggies decomposes almost immediately,so does cooking leaves litters in boiling water quicken composting too?Does anyone had these experiences or had tried this,I known some Indian gardeners quicken composting using big earthen urns in the full sun to heat treatments the organic materials and it works well.

  3. grass clippings especially from lawns should be avoided as it could have been treated with 2,4-D which would destroy plants where the compost is used

  4. be careful as there are incidences of herbicides absorption from manure leading to crop failure. Herbicides were in animal feeds and exited that system as manure.

  5. You're a pleasure to listen to. Great, comprehensive information. Glad you mentioned actinomycetes, they are the unsung heroes of compost.


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