The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy

Event Is Coming Soon – The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy.

Chinese scientists just announced that they have successfully recreated NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive, an engine that works entirely on electromagnetic radiation. The prototype is not in a garage-filmed Youtube video, but published in full detail in the peer-reviewed journal Propulsion and Power.

Scientists from the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) claim NASA’s results “re-confirm” what they’d already achieved.

The free-energy “reactionless” Electromagnetic Drive uses only electricity, and defies widely accepted laws of physics. The Emdrive has already been launched into space, and at a press conference in Beijing, researchers said that the Chinese plan to use it to power satellites, “as quickly as possible.”

In another paper the propulsion theory behind the EmDrive is explained more thoroughly,

“At first sight the idea of propulsion without propellant seems impossible. However the technology is firmly anchored in the basic laws of physics and following an extensive review process, no transgressions of these laws have been identified.

The principle of operation is based on the well-known phenomenon of radiation pressure. This relies on Newton’s Second Law where force is defined as the rate of change of momentum. Thus an electromagnetic (EM) wave, travelling at the speed of light has a certain momentum which it will transfer to a reflector, resulting in a tiny force.

If the same EM wave is travelling at a fraction of the speed of light, the rate of change of momentum, and hence force, is reduced by that fraction. The propagation velocity of an EM wave, and the resulting force it exerts, can be varied depending on the geometry of a waveguide within which it travels. This was demonstrated by work carried out in the 1950’s. (CULLEN, A.L. ‘Absolute Power Measurements at Microwave Frequencies’ IEE Proceedings Vol 99 Part 1V 1952 P.100)

Thus if the EM wave travelling in a tapered waveguide is bounced between two reflectors, with a large velocity difference at the reflector surfaces, the force difference will give a resultant thrust to the waveguide linking the two reflectors. If the reflectors are separated by a multiple of half the effective wavelength of the EM wave, this thrust will be multiplied by the Q of the resulting resonant cavity, as illustrated in fig 1.”
The engine could also send people to Mars in as few as 70 days, according to the scientists’ findings.

In a leaked paper, NASA puzzled over the ‘physics-defying’ thruster which continuously provided positive results when tested. The findings were disclosed by a research group led by Dr. Harold “Sonny” White at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in June of 2014, which made waves throughout the scientific and technical communities.

The ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Runs on Free Energy
However, Prof. Juan Yang in China was publishing her research into EM Drive technology as early as 2010. With the latest ‘soft’ disclosure that the EmDrive prototype made by Chinese scientists, is indeed working, we may have just observed China beat the U.S. to the proverbial free-energy finish line.



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39 thoughts on “The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy”

  1. And soooooooo???????
    That's like announcing i have invented drinking water, free Drinking Water……………i have a Spring in my backyard and the Property of which the water source is from, Tesla invented free energy, this is all Propaganda and its old Propaganda at that, so old its retarded!!!!

  2. This is Not zero point energy. It would take 1 gigawatt of continuous power to move a human through space.

  3. Enough with the overdriven super loud (much louder than the video) voice eh? It's quite annoying and doesn't make me want to subscribe.. quite the opposite.

  4. Nothing goes to space..we live under the firmament .. there are no satellites orbiting our Plane that sends info to earth.. that's ridiculous ..

  5. Whatever they have, they stole from the USA. They are too stupid to be able to develop anything on their own. Stop promoting China as some "superpower". They are far from it and just put on the appearance that they are stronger than they really are.

  6. Just the clean up cost of Fukushima would fund development of a free energy industry. No profit in clean up instead we all pay for that.

  7. This is not a Free Energy device! It may bend an established law of physics, but it's bending the wrong one!
    This device is a propulsion system that consumes power!

  8. china beat the US to the free energy finish line? They have likely had this solved ages ago and have been suppressing scientists since tesla, while funding dead end research. the issue is thats its a solution to a problem they do not want solved because it would limit control, cause issues with a world heavily leveraged in fossil fuels, and lead to other realizations that average american dipshit doesnt want to face. They would much prefer the healthy dose of Hegelian dialectic manipulation they are being fed by this new administration.

    Good on china for not trying to erase like the US has likely been doing forever. watch out for false flags. That said, i dont know the validity of this as China is still burning more coal than they are letting on, though they are big on hydro.

  9. I don't recall "free energy" as being a component of this drive. Electricity is needed to power it. What this apparently is, is a drive not needing propellant. Need to get this drive to the ISS.

  10. why the f…. are they sending it in to space? …
    hey we made something that makes.. free energy? hmmm lets send it to space free energy dont sell on eath.

  11. I can tell you're a simpleton because you're calling this "Free Energy". I guess you don't realize that the EM drive requires a massive INPUT of energy, the kind you have to, you know, "pay for". In return for a massive energy input, you get a tiny thrust.

  12. its  been out you can buy it online..china taking credit ..its been around just know starting to come out more.

  13. Satellites don't exist. We bounce signals off the dome or use balloons. Knowing that, I don't believe this video at all. I'd rather build a Da Vinci Perpetual Motion device.

  14. ***ATTENTION: The bearings used for this project are BETTER than the bearings shown in the scam videos. My wheel and upper magnets move SMOOTHER than the scam videos on YT. It doesn't matter how smooth, because the wheel will never continue to spin all on it's own. Please click the link below to see my Video Playlists. Thanks!

  15. Hello there electronicsNmore!

    Did you try to gluing N-N together or S-S together and see if it makes any difference?

    Since its only one pole it should only repel for most of the cases and atract för the opposite pole right, since you are giving an initial push so it should start roating? what do ya think?
    I m asking this just out of curiosity sice you have whole setup ready and its easy to look at your simple way of explaing. thanks in advance..


  16. The Free Energy Videos are a sham. I have found people claiming they made More power than they were putting in and were able to Perpetually charge the Source battery on the Back Side. "Over-unity"
    Members of this Bedini group say, "as long as the source battery holds a charge you have a working generator of power.: Nothing great, but 12 Volts DC (at) 1 amp sustainable is better than nothing… Others say it's a pipe dream and a waste of time. Amounting to milliwatts (mW), of power "over-unity" at best. or a 1:1 ratio usually . What you put in is what you get out. Period. Nothing more. Get a solar panel and charger with battery bank and quit screwing around with these Bedini motors.
    The number of videos on YouTube about this subject matter is mind numbing. Millions of them!!. Each one claims success.
    With all the research you have done; did you come across anyone you liked of this group. I would be interested to know if you found any worth following that were not just out for a million views and wasting our time. Thanks in Advance. I appreciate all your obvious effort. It makes my head hurt just thinking about all the work you put into this; Just to help us already.

  17. I guess the original guy, as you say, might be hiding something…I am wondering if he could have other magnets inside the column… BUt still, if he had, I do not see how it for forward the wheel move! BUt what would be the point of cheating… what would be the end point…What would be the use of it becuse he would never sale something that is a cheat

  18. It's been said already, but I need to add my 2 cents. Thx for the efforts! Good job! To all scammers out there, I dare you to debunk this.

  19. would this amplify the energy output of a source like the battery? Or conserve energy by only using the battery intermittently to push when needed? Any practical uses? I see a practical use for spinning the wheel without direct contact so the components can be in separate compartments or behind a thin wall from each other unlike gears

  20. one day a long time ago there was Star Wars beam me up Scotty.. Spock and the captain ordered…… it was a pipe dream and they had lasers and these remotes in the medical part that point at the body and it told temperature and blood pressure etc you know… and it was fiction. and now they have machines that do a lot of those things. Including Laser surgery's now days. so if you can dream it you can do it. it doesn't take a lot to do something if you know a little bit about what your doing to comprehend what you need to make it work maybe it don't work the first time around but you have a brain and instead of saying well this don't work and toss it you try altering it using common sense to reason thru it. all you educated book worms only see it one way the way you were taught and it's the only way. well guess what your not the smartest cookie in the box because you can not think out side of it. i say this because go back to childhood… remember how every mom in the neighborhood was not like your mom. everyone learned in different environments. yet kids got together build lawn mowers had races box cars snowmen forts and treehouses… yep those days we as children saw what the adults had an we had to use our imaginations to recreate our surroundings with no knowledge no blue prints no science class no history or physic's classes nothing but we did it. we as children and the simple un adulterated children created some really cool things. so yeah …. educated idiots who refuse to see there could possibly be someone that figure out something there teacher told them was impossible so they wont even look at something with an open mind. take what they know and try to think differently about it. this video he claims in the beginning he only did what he could see but he also admits he did his differently so he's telling you his is different then tells you the other video he seen is impossible.

    who wouldn't want someone not to invent create or find a new more reasonable way to achieve and end goal?

    Maybe someone who wouldn't "PROFIT" of of it? just an observation of the video and some of the comments below… made me realize people will believe everything they are told except those that think outside the box.

  21. I don't if this silly ? but could put a DC motor at upper arm. then a DC generator ( like for bike head lamp) then connect a generator to lower table. then to the motor would that Work?

  22. ok, this particular magnet mother doesn't work but someday someone may figure out how to use magnets, I say may because as you know, what is known to be certain not to be possible has time and again been proved to be incorrect; the inability the sound barrier is one that immediately springs to mind as an example. because, as Einstein said, "in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities, all things are possible" on a side note, as to the "hydrogen/water" engine; first, there are engines that run on compressed hydrogen, second water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, ( a combustor and a oxygenator) IF the efficiency of breaking water into it's constituent parts exceeds the requirements of the combustion engine then a "hydrogen/water" vehicle should be able to work, also a AC compressor (or something similar) could be used to compress the resulting gasses into a tank, especially if production can exceed usage. I am not proposing breaking any rules of thermodynamics, I am suggesting that not all factors have been considered when coming to the conclusion that "it is not possible"


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