The Compost Pile

We need to move the compost pile because it is right in the middle of where our goat run is going to be. Jaime explains why we are moving the compost pile, the types of compost piles, and shares some information on composting.

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How to make compost with grass clippings, quick, simple and inexpensive.

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40 thoughts on “The Compost Pile”

  1. Nice tumblers, we built one that we can pull a wheelbarrel under it, someone will buy those for sure. Now we put a compost area in with the chickens and they love to turn it over.

  2. Justin Rhodes known as the chicken guy; uses several types of feed. So yes I would think that you must cover all food.

  3. When I'm patient enough to listen to whole video I usually pick up at least one little piece of info from you like the garden dirt focusing on decomp before growing. Thank you Nature and thanks Jamie. Also , couldn't or shouldn't there be a mechanism to make tumblers easier to turn when full or just half full. Manufacturer oversight. But I crafty person. Could could rig up a lull system I would imagine. Maybe you can still make use of them if you ask around

  4. Dr Elaine Ingham used a thermometer to make sure her compost pile was not going anaerobic (160 degrees F). Anaerobic means no oxygen and heat. It kills your beneficial soil components (mycorrhizal fungi and nematodes). She used her compost after 3 weeks. Suggestion: Start a separate worm composting pile with your food scraps. One pound of worms produces one pound of vermicompost every day.

  5. Dude that's gnarly! Hahaha Didn't know anyone said that anymore. 😉 Anywho…that is a great tip on making sure the compost is fully decomposed…I was unaware of that one. I had not used it too early in the past but now I will make sure I never do. Thanks for the great video.

  6. Compost really is amazing! I'm starting to appreciate it a lot more on our little family farm. Free soil!

  7. jamie, wanted to say thanks for bringing it to my attention that the reason I am losing my seedlings is due to the fact that my compost wasnt done yet when I put it in the garden =( I kept wondering why they were just gone when I would come look, but I also left leaves on it thinking it would protect the seedlings, LOL….so thanks for helping me learn WHY i failed and not to do it again that way…so glad I am not relying on my knowledge yet but just gaining it =) looks like i am gonna be going to the farmers market for more seedlings

  8. if the tumbler smelled like a sewer it was probably from too many nitrogen/not enough carbon…or too much moisture from my experiances. progress on the homestead looking good!

  9. Hi guys. When adding pallets to make walls for your compost pile a few suggestions. 1. Make so it is away from the fence, just enough to be able to walk between pallets and fence: that way compost will not rot out the fence. 2. Start out with 3 pallets wired together in a U shape. As one section fills up add 2 more to make an E shape, then 2 more and so on till the first compartment ( the initial U) is ready and you can empty it out and then start over. In London (England) standard pallets last about 5 years before they need to be replaced. 3. Wire coat hangers work well to wire the pallets together, use 2 coat hangers for every 2 pallets to be joined, using a pliers to snip/twist off the place where the hook is twisted together, so that you can straighten out the wire before using it to join the pallets together. Best regards. PEK.

  10. I know that the goat house is going to be special…… fit for special goat ladies! I like the new mike….need one of those myself! Its April 5th…..more rain coming 🙁

  11. I totally understand the plan in the head!!! My wife NEVER gets my explanations of my idea's…lol…Great video!

  12. Great video!

    Several years ago I took old trash cans that my neighbors were getting rid of and drilled holes in them, along with a 2" PVC pipe full of drilled holes running down the center for air flow. I filled them with the usual compost fixin's. It was slow, but there was no turning needed, and as the compost broke down I could keep adding more and more scraps. After a year I had three cans full of the most beautiful compost. My garden was very happy.

    I laughed at the gloves and spiders tip. I had no idea anyone else did this, I thought I was just paranoid. I crush each finger flat before putting my work gloves on… just in case.

  13. Love y'alls video's. Don't know if you have tried… A pitch fork is a whole lot easier to turn and add air to a compost pile than a shovel. At least in my experience…

  14. Once again a great video. The compost seems to be close to the house, Does this pose a threat of snakes or rats hanging around the house? Just curious, but, it seems you have a wooded area not too far away, what type of wild animals do you have come through? Glad your starting on the area for the goats. 🙂

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    While you're there, check out my garden coloring book too – makes a fun stocking stuffer. Spring garden season will be here before you know it! Thanks for your support – Happy Gardening!

  16. I got a book on composting from Rodell Press. In it when using grass clippings to get compost in 14 days you should use equal volumes of grass and tree leaves (not pine needles) . Build it like in this video but to speed things up you remove your bin, chop through it with a mattock then fork it into another bin every other day dampening as needed. 14 days later great compost. I did it. It works.

  17. You should put a mask, grass mold can be dangerous, there are many dormant agents that can seriously affect your health.:)

  18. How do you prevent grass from growing through and into your compost? lease respond as soon as possible!

  19. Do not use grass clippings if you use ANY sort of chemical on your lawn. Many if not most of those chemicals are persistent and you will get unpleasant surprises when you go to use it.

  20. CaliKim have you ever made fertilizer with your own waste? No joke but I heard urine is good for the plants. Just pee on the plants instead of toilet.

    Can you also include your poop in compost? You said use whatever is on your hands. I would imagine that would work in your compost pile and be healthy for your plants.

    I heard the LA Zoo sells the poop from their animals for fertilizer so would it work if you pooped in the compost pile for fertilizer. Wondering if you have done that and how your end results were. I spend a lot on fertilizer so trying to find cost cutting measures. Thanks.

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