The Deforestation of the Amazon (A Time Lapse)

In this NASA timelapse, satellite images show the rapid deforestation of the amazonian rainforest.

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ENVS 3370
Science Communication Assignment
Christie Todd

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34 thoughts on “The Deforestation of the Amazon (A Time Lapse)”

  1. Hey, uploaded a video against deforestation, cause I care about and I think everyone can do something against it.
    Would be super glad if you give me some review!

  2. no one cares. Glad i wont be around when nothing is left.I feel for all the animals and other life forms. But humans are just filthy disgusting bipedal animals

  3. Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction. watch cowspiracy on netflix from cowspiracy/facts

  4. They dont know better, they're poor farmers thinking 'ah, everyones doing it, let me take this little patch, it's only a little bit' and his neighbours will follow him. Soon we end up having a lot of little patches of millions of years old forest, gone. Then the government steps in, so they move somewhere else and start to burn a new little patch of millions of years old forest… goes on and on. What the government needs to do is heavily punish the burning of forest, I mean very heavy, life sentences. And enforce it. Only this will save the forest. I've seen in all happen in Chiang Rai. Almost all the forest is gone there and it happened within a few years. Nobody stopped them. Corrupt officials everywhere that only care about their beers in the evening.

  5. Tbh we can't harp on South Americans and Africans without sounding like hypocrites. We've cleared most of our woods long ago so who are we to blame. To make it fair we either need to plant more woods at home (imagine entire regions reforested, maybe even towns and villages abandoned) or pay a green tax so these countries are compensated for the economic damage suffered by not clearing the woods and expanding their economy.

  6. Man is the ultimate termite. A growing deforestation threat is clearings needed for obscenely large wind turbines and access roads that get excused as "necessary" by the quasi-greentech crowd.

  7. Is this true ? Those tree's don't grow back ? You mean to tell me they cut down tree's without replanting. I've lumber jacked before ( Dangerous work I do not recommend it ) and I specifically remember everything we cut down was replanted. They don't use the same method when cutting tree's down in the rain forest ?

  8. Just a pity it doesn't tell us the area in Sq. Miles/km/hectares/acres/football-pitches or something we can relate to.

  9. The reason for mass deforestation in Brazil is because of the demand from the agricultural industry. They need room for all of the billions of cattle that the world consumes. (mcdonalds etc)

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