The facts on climate change — and what to do about it

In advance of Earth Day on April 22, National Geographic Magazine released its latest edition this week featuring the guide, “Seven Things You Need to Know about Climate Change.” It includes facts from scientists about the causes of climate change and how humans can help mitigate its consequences. For more, the magazine’s editor in chief Susan Goldberg joins Hari Sreenivasan.
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19 thoughts on “The facts on climate change — and what to do about it”

  1. Google …Cirrus clouds trap heat. You will read that Cirrus clouds trap heat in the atmosphere. Airplanes whiten the skies with Cirrus clouds . Think about what this means.

  2. "climate change" is a athiest worldview clothed in vague scientific garb by bought and paid for atheist scientists with a mandated agenda. Its a unproven hoax meant to dupe simple minded people who believe anything they hear.

  3. The primitive humans first religions were based on the assertion that bad weather (drought, floods etc.,) was punishment for the wrongs they committed. Modern man continues to believe so.

    You know why they can't find Ice in the Glaciers or in the Arctic or the middle of Greenland that is older than 200k years old? Because it wasn't there before that. Over a period of 100 Million years (that's millions, not thousands) the Arctic has only been perpetually frozen for 2% of that time… For 98 Million years, the Arctic region thaws completely with each summer. The average earth temperature is 15F WARMER than now. The mean C02 average during that 100 million year time period is 7.5x MORE than it is now (our 400 PPM compared to 3000 PPM). The Ice Ages the earth has suffered through for the last 3 million years are NOT the norm, the Ice Ages are the threat, NOT global warming. Trying to keep earth perpetually cold, as the climate changer movement would have us do is exactly the wrong thing to do to return Mother Earth to it's normal warmer, greener, more biologically friendly state than it is today.

  4. Real science works on the principle that the science laws are absolute, that the physico-chemical properties of molecules are absolute and that the only way to measure the temperature of molecules is by using a calibrated thermometer. Meanwhile, it appears, the climate sciences stay away from all approved instruments as if they are infected by plague. They ignore scientific laws and use bits of (or none at all) of the physico-chemical properties of molecules, depending what the outcome of a particular computational simulation is needed. And they definitely do NOT measure things since the instrumental data has this habit of falsifying everything that their computers are producing.

  5. The fact that the earths distance from the sun fluctuates as it orbits, while the moons distance to earth fluctuates as it orbits us is enough to completely discredit most climate change arguments. as the earth gets closer or further from the sun that affects heat variables. also the activity on the surface of the sun is unpredictable at best and can send heat waves toward earth. The moon dictates the oceans currents. which is what controls most weather patterns across the planet. these variables alone account for most temperature fluctuation on earth. factor in the gases produced by the ocean, volcanoes, even plant life, and you have an almost measurable amount of variables.The Sun is by far the biggest factor in Earth’s temperatures. Whoa! Shocking revelation! All science really has to go on is the last 100 years of data. Everything ”projected” out to be from older than that is estimations and guesses – not first-hand observations. And given the intentional manipulation of the very data they are foisting on us (see East Anglia), you’ll pardon us for being skeptical that even half of that is real.
    What is interesting is that those very papers predicted dire and catastrophic temperature increases culminating in the death of millions of people – by 2010. Oops. The other serious problem is that of academic collusion regarding climate science: those very ”peer-reviewed” journals are of scientists all in the same bed and all paid for by the same people to spread their alarmist nonsense. Remember, these are the very same people who in the 1970’s were crying wolf about a pending Ice Age to end all life. Now that the pending heat wave never materialized, they’ve been forced to go back to the more generic and ephemeral boogeyman of ”climate change” as their shock tactic. We’re tired of listening to the same BS claptrap.
    When the UN and various national leaders come out and say that we need to drop BILLIONS and even TRILLIONS of dollars for a change that can barely be measured and in the long run doesn’t even stop the process, yes, we are absolutely skeptical – especially when all that money will be lining their pockets AND giving them massive control over our lives.
    ”It’s also totally irrelevant because what matters is what the science says.”
    Ah, the trite ”the science is settled” nonsense argument. If you actually knew what science does, you’d find yourself choking on this statement. Science makes educated guesses called hypotheses based on a topic of interest. Then they test their hypothesis to see if it accurately described the reality they tested. Unless it conforms 100% to their hypothesis, they know they got something wrong and they revise the hypothesis. Climate change models haven’t been even 5% accurate – let alone 100%. So the real science just says that there isn’t nearly enough we know to accurately predict anything.

  6. The first thing to do is simply breathe (less) because you are emitting carbon dioxide every time you exhale…or just stop breathing all together. You will be dead, but it will save the planet. I'm being facetious. Never mind natural volcanos like Mt. St. Helens when it errupts causes more problems than you can imagine; but you can't tax the heck out of a volcano now can you, nor cap or trade it to fund your chatoic pos (new world) really been there done that old world order that is doomed for destruction every time. And never mind the weather modification being spearheaded by Europe's Commercial Airlines plus Saudi Arabia (that's right wake up ding dongs!) that spew tons and tons of these sick trails sometimes intermittently to fool the people, and rogue areas of our U.S. Air Force that the moronic a holes on the left (allow) to be spewed into the air to interfere with proper rain distribution – right in their lefty states of California, parts of Colorado, and CT too just to name a few ostrich blue states. It's happening in their states because they are more gullible to believe. Ever hear of the greenhouse effect? It's slowed down since Brexit and since Trump got elected…because those airlines would be put out of business tomorrow if caught and the rogue military given at least a dishonorable discharge!!! NO YOU WAKE UP DICK! You are looking in the wrong areas for what is really happening. Look at Vostek core samples. There are alternative fuels but the ones that (have been) in charge are not trying hard enough to push solar and wind and LEDs and ocean energy, and technology that is supressed, etc. but it is getting better. The bottom line is EVERYONE HAS TO DO THEIR PART – STOP ATTACKING THE U.S.A. JERKS. (Al Gore, has one of the worst footprints – start with him…the pusher of his how convenient lies to rob us of more money for his and his buddies pockets.

  7. Dammit why are you believing in these people this casually another Hoax that is created by the scientists just like the Earth is a sphere I mean comeon how can be the earth sphere its obvouisly flat. And this climate change thingy is just to stop the coal and gas manufacturer all around the globe dammit

    The Earth is Flat!!!
    There is no space (obvouisly)
    The moon landing is fake
    Nasa is there just to get our tax money
    Thats why I voted Donald trump and not that feminist Hillary
    And obvouisly the Climate Change is a Chinese HOAX!!!

  8. Hi folks: I grew up with the National Geographic magazine; rushed to the post box to get it first, before my siblings. Loved the pictures, the editorial and especially the maps; wonderful, amazing maps. Sadly the magazine has deteriorated over the last twenty years; despite what Susan Goldgerg says, it is frequently partisan and frequently scientifically skewed; maybe it always was and I was just too young to notice.

    We should all want the world to be a better place for ourselves and future generations; no one denies that climate is changing; it always has and always will however the impact of man on climate change is still a real topic for debate. There is considerable science providing alternative explanations for the current trends but one side is closing down the debate and the other is trying hard to keep it open.

    The magazine has been hijacked by mainstream ideology; way too many emotions over facts, way too much abuse of "facts" and way too much over-simplification for the mass of the population that has only a very rudimentary understanding of science.

  9. To all the scum that caused the destruction of our atmosphere, you will all suffer terribly and your children will never grow old. What are you going to tell them? Everyone of you will answer to God….T MINUS 5 AND COUNTING!

  10. Al Gore is releasing his climate change volume 2 film. In the last one, over ten years ago, he said we would be dead in ten years. And here you are pbs pushing the same bs.

  11. It's hard to tell if it's real or not because of the media mixing up the history books. However I think it's fake because each decade or year, people believe we'll have an ice age, then climate change, and the rumor keeps going on and on. I heard this one person who lives at the Maldives islands or Kiribati who placed a meter stick around calm waters and said "Nothing has changed over the past few years".


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