The Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

The basics of the greenhouse effect and climate change/global warming are discussed.

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Greenhouse Effect
Global warming
Fossil fuels
Coral bleaching
Paris Agreement
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Hey Family and Friends I hope that everyone is having a beautiful day. You all know I’m country as the day so pardon how I mispronounce some words!!! In this video I’m talking about how I added the Greenhouse Effect (GHE) into my hair care regimen. With this method it allows the heat from your body to create the effect of steam helping your scalp to create more sebum (oils your body naturally produce on the scalp) and your hair retain more moisture. I have been doing this off and on since last year I noticed a difference in my hair staying moisturized and retaining length. Be sure to do your research about this method and moisture overload while using this method I’m simply sharing my experience and what I know about the Greenhouse Effect. Thank you for watching the video don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!!

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24 thoughts on “The Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming”

  1. You're beautiful thanks for sharing with us! I'm gonna try with Wild Growth oil it worked for my hair years ago I big chopped a month ago and I can't wait to grow it out healthy.
    I'm rambling lol but I like your video I'm subscribing now. thank you ma'am!

  2. I had to leave all the beauty products on the market alone,those ingredients is making people sick and snatching off edges like the world is coming to an end…old remedies still work for our hair and filters,everyone should have water filters because he water can damage your hair

  3. Thank you. I love this video. I have been looking for ways to deal with my hair. i just learned after a long time of failing that i have low porosity hair. i am just retaining length lol. yeah i was doing everythig wrong. i will try this now because my hair is always dry. thank you agian. i have so much more to learn.

  4. I just read about this and the Inversion Method. What confuses me is I see this work for a lot of people but then I see some long hair naturals say how they never put oil directly on their scalp because it will clog pores stopping growth. . . & that they also make sure to shampoo the scalp to keep it clean and clear. Then again I hear keeping scalp oiled works for people . . .

  5. yes Tee Mac, you notice how fast people with jerry curls hair grows, from the moisture , so it is some what similar


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