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  1. Always refer back to your video because it is so simple and clear no denier can ever really refute it logically. Keep up the good work Erik!

  2. Negative water vapor feedback will cool the effects of CO2 warming, anthropogenic or not. Whether warming from CO2 is existent or not. This demo is irrelevant and just another example of indoctrination rather than education, in our public school system. People who claim to love this planet ignore this planets remarkable ability to adapt and balance its self out.

  3. Not an accurate analogy of the earths atmosphere. CO2 comprises only 0.8% = <1% of the atmosphere's composition. How much of the "atmosphere" in that bottle was CO2? You put 4 tablets in there, I'd say significantly more than 0.8%. So the experiment is dishonest at best.

    The analogy of a insulating blanket is a good way to visualize how this actually works. Imagine in your mind or draw a picture of a blanket that is less than 1% of the atmosphere. The closer to the earth the greater CO2 concentration there will be, the farther up you go the less concentrated that trace gas will be. Yup, CO2 is called a trace gas because there is so little of it in the atmosphere!

    Observe for yourself. On a cloudy overcast night the temperature in your area is usually significantly warmer than on night with clear skies yet the CO2 level didn''t change significantly, it was still at a trace level.

    So wake up! It is probably the biggest so called scientific, hoax of all time. They want to tax life! And when you observe the amount of money and control involved, its criminal.

  4. How high was the CO2 concentration? I highly doubt it was 400PPM.(400 PPM was likely in the lower temp bottle…
    Also heat wasTrapped which heat is not Trapped in the atmosphere despite their back radiation argument. (400 out of 1 million is not much of a trap.)(double co2 say 800 ppm is still not much of a trap out of 1 million)…
    R W Wood did experiment read it. 2 boxes , 1 cover with Rock salt IR transparent and 1 covered with Glass(IR blocker).

    In atmosphere genetic energy(collisions happen 3 times after than a photon absorption)(absorption in a pico second)…
    Collisions transfer energy(heat)(changes wave length). Called convection at 12,000feet collisions and absorption rate is 1 to 1.

    Next h20 which this experiment ignores.(does not account or correct for)…
    In Atmosphere H2O is 10,000 to 50000 PPM(15 to 5%). Even at 1% H2O is 10,000 ppm to 400 ppm.
    H2O covers 70%estimate of entire IR band & CO2 covers 8%. H2O covers 100% of all CO(at) bands except the 15 micron band and of this H2O covers 60% plus of the same 15 micron band CO2 absorbs in….Hello?(trapped heat in experiment and how high was the co2 content?

    There is more CO(at) has no latent heat in Atmosphere and H2O goes thru 3 states(latent heat) in atmosphere…

    And we did not even go into the saturation….Do take a look at the pics f bob phil below,,,

  5. The bubbles in the bottle on the left are like little magnifying glasses.

    And more importantly, using the generic plop plop fizz fizz stuff causes an exothermic chemical reaction that introduces hot air into the bottle on the left.

    The experiment is an epic fail.

  6. This experiment is very misleading. Guy-Lussac's law tells us that absolute pressure is directly proportional to absolute temperature. By adding two tablets into a fairly closed bottle, he increased the total number of moles of gas which increases the total pressure. Naturally this increases the temperature since more molecules leads to more collisions and higher average kinetic energy. The differences in temperatures between the two bottles should actually be higher, but the fact that he used a crappy make-shift system, led to the observed results.

    The better experiment should have been to fill a chamber with a known concentration of CO2 and let one bottle equilibrate in the chamber for a few minutes, careful to keep the temperatures the same for both samples. Perfectly seal both bottles with silicon and perhaps use a thermo-coupler. Confirm that the starting temps are indeed the same prior to exposure to heat lamp and then start the experiment.

  7. So what did we prove… Common AIR does NOT hold in heat… CO2 at 100% can and will hold heat… But we DONT have 100% CO2…. Its LESSS than 1% in breathable air… So what did you prove…

  8. Next time, try changing the CO2 level from 0.0387% to 0.04% to actually have an experiment. That is the actual variable and amount changed in the last 50 years.

  9. The point of the demonstration is to simply show how carbon absorbs heat. Now if you feel this is all you need to think global warming is legit…. then good for you.

  10. Because there is a rubber stopper on top of the bottle u have a build up of pressure, the particals are closer together and can then absorb more heat. U need more analogies like methane,oxygen nitrogen and carbon dioxide. We all know methane and water vaper are green house gasses. Still a skeptic about carbon dioxide though, as it seems to have political implications.

  11. Why are all the comment using the term "ppm" to indicate the concentration? Isn't CO2 greenhouse-effective in the ppB range of concentrations?

    After all, we are now at 400 ppb… not 400 ppm.

    (Parts Per Billion)

  12. I am not denier but you have to leave both bottles cool down to temperature of environment don't forget co2 pills reaction to water increases heat theirselves so you can't just start the radiation after solving pills into the water

  13. Really! WOW!! And no wonder the lamp was clearly directed at the bottle with the CO2 in it .You can see the brightness and the nearness of the CO2 bottle. Experiment debunked and scam exposed.

  14. A great simulation of how Co2 can affect the worlds temperature. However, there is more to controlling the temperature of the earth than just green house gases. Radiation from the sun has the greatest effect as well as volcanos that are spewing sulfur dioxide which can block the suns rays from entering the earths atmosphere which produces a cooling effect. However, global is a hoax and the government is going to use it to tax you into the poor house and keep you from heating your home and driving as fossil fuels will be greatly taxed. They also plan on riding the earth of a couple of billion people, are you one of the lucky ones? Have a great d ay and remember, man and his governments are corrupt!


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